Combat Acne With Anti-Blemish Products

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for acne. But there are easy ways to manage your symptoms so that your skin doesn’t dictate your quality of life, including using dedicated and effective skincare products.

Stevie Craig, Acne Specialist Practitioner from sk:n Middlesbrough, is passionate about helping acne sufferers achieve and maintain clear skin and has years of experience treating the condition.

We chatted to her about the best sk:n products to combat angry, oily, acne-prone skin. They’re all approved by dermatologists.

sk:n Facial Exfoliating Cleanser

  • As part of this product, Glycolic Acid removes excess dead skin cells, which congest the pores, and will brighten your skin.
  • The ingredient Glycerin acts as a natural moisturiser to help keep your skin nourished.

sk:n Anti-Blemish Control Serum

  • The Salicylic Acid and Peptide in this serum will help reduce excess oil and inflammation.
  • The serum also contains Malic and Azelaic acid, which exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the pores creating a brighter and more even complexion.

sk:n Intense Blemish Lotion

  • This product is pocket sized and is great to carry around so you can apply to spots as and when they start to develop.
  • Salicylic acid in the lotion will help to reduce excess oil and inflammation.

sk:n Skin Hydrator for oily/acne-prone skin

  • This moisturiser contains probiotics, which help to reduce inflammation.
  • It’s a great product that soothes the skin and provides moisture for 24 hours.

sk:n Pore Refining Lotion

  • This lotion is popular because it helps to slow down the overproduction of skin cells, a key factor of acne, leading to clear skin and unblocked pores.
  • It’s also an effective moisturiser as well as providing exfoliation.

Heliocare 360 Oil Free Gel SPF50

  • Sun protection is important for everyone and this oil-free product is essential for acne sufferers to prevent blocked pores.
  • This sunscreen combines effective UVA and UVB protection.
  • It contains vital Anti-Oxidants, which help to prevent skin damage caused by environmental factors.

sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser For All Skin Types

  • sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser For All Skin Types Gently removes makeup and impurities.
  • Fortified with age-fighting vitamins and antioxidants.
  • This cleanser is great for freshening your skin.
  • To provide moisture to the skin, this cleanser also contains Evening Primrose oil.

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We recommend a course of acne treatment alongside products to get the best results for your skin. Please register your interest and we will contact you once our clinics reopen.

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