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By Francesca Dantonio 24th February 2015 Category: Advice

Paris, Milan, New York… This list usually prefaces a blog post on fashion, but this time it’s on something altogether harder to experiment with – your skin. For women living in these cities, it’s long been the norm to have your dermatologist in your little black book along with your hairdresser, hair colourist, dentist, optician and beauty therapist. Odd really, that here in London, one of the most trend-setting cities in the world, many women still don’t know where to go to improve their skin.

We all know that having a bad skin day can only be rivalled by a bad-hair day, yet we spend a fraction of the time and money on our skin, unlike our fellow fashion-forward urbanites in the US and on the Continent. Typically too, the money we spend goes more on products than skin treatments, which can and do obviously bring about the most impressive improvements.

So here’s a handy ten point guide on how to find your perfect dermatologist, brought to you by The Nation’s Skin Clinic, sk:n.

First, three dry but highly necessary checks. Tick these off first, before considering any treatment.


  1. Make sure your clinic is CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered. This is the health watchdog for the NHS in the UK, as well as private healthcare services.
  2. Ensure your clinic is a member of the Government endorsed IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Service), who work to ensure good medical practice in cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments is carried out.
  3. Finally, check your clinic is on the IHAS backed quality register, called, ‘Treatments You Can Trust.’

Any clinic who is accredited by the above organisations will be inspected annually and held to the highest clinical standards.

I was relieved that a doctor with over ten years’ experience gave me my dermal fillers.

  1. Now look at the clinics themselves. Who actually works there and delivers the treatments? Some skin treatments involve the use of lasers, strong chemical peels or injectables. Injectables have a medical licence and as such, only medics should give them.
  2. Which products does the clinic use? Ask for MHRA approved (the UK regulatory authority) or at the very least FDA approved (the US equivalent.) Some well-known and correctly registered suppliers are the following:
    • Lasers: Syneron-Candela, Asclepion, Cynosure
    • Injectables: Allergan are the biggest global suppliers of Juvéderm (dermal fillers) and Botox®
    • Peels: Innerpeel, Skinceuticals, Obagi
  3. Mix of treatments. Does the clinic you’re investigating offer everything from a tummy tuck to a hand peel? Human biology is a vast topic and the sanest advice is to go to a specialist – a clinic that specialised in skin and skin alone.
  4. How long has the clinic been established? Whilst the industry remains under-regulated, there are many independent clinics popping up every year. The best equipment takes a lot of capital investment, training of staff and care. Look for a company of some standing and geographical reach.
  5. Finally, is the clinic easy to get to, and are the staff warm and approachable? Most skin treatments require a course. You need to know you aren’t signing up for a journey you ideally only want to make once.

sk:n clinics were founded in 1990 in Harrogate hospital and is CQC, IHAS and TYCT registered. sk:n has 35 nationwide clinics, with a Medical Director in each and more doctors or dermatologists than any other provider. All our products are highly registered and clinically effective.

We have nine clinics in and around London at the following locations with dermatologist appointments available now:

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