Celebrity skin secrets revealed: how the Kardashians and Jenners look so flawless

By Raj Phull 11th May 2018 Category: Advice

We’ve all done it; trawled through Instagram for hours looking at picture after picture of celebrities with flawless, smooth skin, and feeling sorry for ourselves. But with a bank account like the Kardashians and Jenners, anyone could have perfect skin, right? Well, what if we were to tell you the treatments that make Kim et al look so amazing are not only accessible to us mere mortals – but are affordable and available from your local sk:n clinic? Intrigued? Read on to find out how you can be a glow-getter, just like the Kardashians.

For skin that glows like Kourtney and Kendall: Microneedling

Kourtney is the latest Kardashian to express her love of microneedling; she even Snapchatted herself having the treatment live to her fans last year. She and Kendall are known for favouring a more natural, low-key beauty regime (compared with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan at least), and this treatment ticks the right boxes because it harnesses the skin’s natural recovery process. It works by making lots of tiny little puncture wounds with hundreds of very fine microneedles – which might sound a bit gruesome, but celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore swear by it, so stay with us here. This action stimulates a natural healing response within the skin (i.e. you start producing new skin cells, collagen and elastin), smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and targeting pigmentation. The result: beautifully Instagrammable skin – without the filters.

Microneedling, skin peels and microdermabrasion available at sk:n, prices start from as little as £155

For a “hairless” body like Kim and Khloe: Laser hair removal

How is it the Kardashians have inherited the beautifully thick, dark, glossy hair from their Armenian heritage – but seem to have none of the excess body or facial hair that is the bane of any (ordinary) dark-haired woman’s existence?

The answer is simple: laser hair removal. Forget fighting a losing battle with your bikini line/monobrow/underarm hair/upper lip/back hair/leg hair (delete as applicable). Laser hair removal can reduce your unwanted body hair by up to 90% – permanently. Kim has publically boasted about her “completely hairless” body and famously told Oprah Winfrey “I’ve lasered everything” in 2012. And Khloe recently shared her hair removal tips on her website, stating: “No nasty ingrown hairs. I laser my bikini line!” You’ll need a course of about 6-8 treatments of laser hair removal to achieve lasting results, but it’s so worth it. Imagine never having to worry about that 5 o’clock underarm shadow again? Or being able to just spontaneously say yes to a last-minute date, without having to do the panicked speed-shave beforehand? Worth every penny.


For contoured lips like Kylie: Lip fillers

Don’t tell us you thought that infamous pout was just the result of an expertly applied Kylie Lip Kit? Sadly, no. But Kylie’s voluptuous lip look can be achieved without invasive surgery. In fact, after years of lip-liner related fibbing, Kylie publicly stated in 2015: “I have temporary lip fillers,” confirming what most of us already suspected. So, how quickly do lip fillers work and are they really temporary? The answer: almost immediately, and yes, they are.

Lip fillers work by injecting a solution containing hyaluronic acid – a substance which naturally holds on to water, for a plumping, hydrating effect – into the lips to achieve your desired look. The liquid is naturally metabolised over time, so you’ll need top-up treatments every three to six months to maintain the results. But, it’s a quick and simple way to update your look and can be completely tailored to your features. This means you can go as dramatic (à la Kylie) or subtle (à la Kendall) as you’d like.

Lip filler prices at sk:n start at £199.

For A-list skin maintenance: an expert dermatologist

Kendall has spoken openly about her battle with acne and has credited laser resurfacing treatments for improving the appearance of her acne scars . She, Kylie, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney have all enlisted the help of glitzy Beverly Hills dermatologist, Dr Christie Kidd, (who also provides skincare tips via Kylie’s official app) to keep their skin in check.

But, you needn’t be an A-lister (or have an A-lister’s bank balance) to get personalised advice from a dermatologist about your skin concerns. sk:n has 52 clinics nationwide, employs some of the UK’s leading dermatology specialists and offers more than 200 innovative and affordable skin treatments designed to target a whole host of conditions.

Book a free consultation today to find out more.

Dermatology appointments at sk:n start at £100.

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