Has the warmer weather and summer activities taken its toll on your skin? You may have spent a little too long in the sun, developed some annoying ingrown hairs from daily shaving, or have finally decided its time to do something about your excessive sweating or unwanted tattoo. If so, September is the perfect time to slow down, take some time out and think about your skin health. Read our top five treatments for post-summer skin.

1. Avoid Ingrown Hairs With Laser Hair Removal

With laser hair removal you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs which are caused when hair curls round and grows back into the skin. This produces raised red spots which can be painful and often become infected. The laser causes the hair follicle to overheat and damages the bulb which prevents regrowth. You can expect to see permanent hair reduction up to 90% and for best results, opt for a course of 6-8 treatments. Autumn is the perfect time to begin your journey as it is best to start treatment without a suntan.

2. Renew and rehydrate dehydrated skin

If you have spent long periods of time in the sun without a high factor SPF, your skin may feel dehydrated and develop lines, wrinkles or pigmentation. Your skin can become dehydrated and sunburnt even when its cloudy, so if you are worried about sun damage, book a free consultation which includes a skin scan. Our skin experts may then recommend one of these most popular treatments:

Skin Peels – Reduce pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
Laser Resurfacing – Targets both superficial and deeper layers of skin to treat pigmentation and hyperpigmentation (dark spots) caused by the sun. This skin resurfacer also treats scarring.
HydraFacial – Combines hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to replenish, plump and hydrate your skin.

3. Treat excessive sweating with Botox® Injections

It’s quite normal to sweat in hot weather, but if you find that your sweating seems excessive you may find you are suffering with Hyperhidrosis. The most common areas include forehead, underarms, palms and feet and can be caused by stress, diabetes, menopause and side effects from medication. This condition can be treated easily and effectively with an injection (Botox®) into the problem area which blocks the nerves that supply the eccrine (sweat) glands, which will prevent sweating.

4. Remove that tattoo you are beginning to regret

Summer fun may have led to a tattoo which you are beginning to regret… or you may have an old design which you are embarrassed to show when you bare more skin in the warmer months. A course of laser tattoo removal can remove or fade unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. If you are in a hurry, check out our Centres of Excellence. We use a PicoWay laser which can remove your ink in roughly half the time. (Available in selected clinics only).

5. Banish that annoying verruca from the swimming pool

If you have been swimming you could have quite easily picked up a verruca. You may have tried over-the-counter treatments which haven’t worked. At sk:n we offer three different options and your dermatologist will recommend the right one for you. Options include laser removal, Cryotherapy (freezing), or a simple excision.

Baring more of our skin in the summer months can often highlight those body areas where you may have annoying and unwanted hair growth. We have hair follicles all over the body except for on the lips, palms of the hands and soles of the feet, so it’s no surprise that many of us spend far too much time shaving, waxing or plucking unwanted hair. According to a survey carried out by Realself (2018) 29% of adults in the UK are considering laser hair removal and as we become increasingly time poor in our busy lives, this could be the answer to your onerous daily hair removal routine.

Laser hair removal to can treat most body areas and even the smallest or hard to reach parts. Areas include face, underarm, bikini, legs and you can also opt for a full body treatment. Our laser hair removal treatments are increasingly popular with men, with the most common areas treated are face (cheek area) back and chest.  Did you know you can also remove hair from much smaller areas including eyebrows, earlobes, naval, nasal, fingers, toes, and nipples? Here are our most popular smaller areas…

Nasal hair

Laser hair removal can target the most visible nose hairs on the inside edge of the nostril, preventing those annoying hairs from hanging out the nose. We can also treat the upper nose, sides, tip and bridge. Most people will pluck these hairs, which then reappear after a few days. Laser hair removal gives you up to 90% permanent hair reduction once you have completed your course. The procedure will take no more than 15 minutes and has no downtime. From £47 per session.

Fingers and toes

If you love to wear sandals or strappy heels, you may be worried about hairy toes, or hair on the top of the feet. Or if you have coarser, dark hair on the fingers this may be causing you embarrassment. These small areas can be treated quickly and effectively with laser hair removal treatment. From £43 per session.


As embarrassing as it might feel, hair around the nipples is quite common. Although this is a natural thing, it doesn’t have to be permanent and can be treated effectively. Laser hair removal is not painful, it has been described as like an elastic band flicking onto the skin. The more treatments you have, the less pain you will feel as there are fewer hair follicles targeted. From £48 per session.

Our experienced and professional practitioners go through extensive training and we only use high-grade lasers. We can adjust the laser to your skin shade and we will always carry out a patch test before we begin your treatment. To gain optimum results, opt for a course of 6-8 treatments. Read more about our treatment courses here.


The summer is here! As the weather warms up, we all want healthy, clear and refreshed skin as we scale back the foundation coverage. But how do we achieve fresh skin with a natural healthy glow?  You may feel like you want to revive dull-looking winter skin, so exfoliation is key and a great place to start. Homecare products we use in the summer will differ from the winter, so it might be time to invest in a good quality SPF, combined with some fabulous breathable mineral make-up to avoid blocking pored and causing spots. Being outdoors more often will inevitably expose your skin to air pollution, so daily cleansing is essential, coupled with regular treatments for the ultimate deep-cleanse and hydration.

Our sk:n Senior Practitioner, Gurpriya Matharoo gives us her top 5 tips for healthy and clear skin this summer.





According to a survey carried out by Hiched.co.uk, the average time from proposal to walking down the aisle is 20 months, 13 months of which will be spent planning your wedding. With so much to think about, such as choosing the venue, selecting the food, dress shopping, and countless other tasks that need to be planned, take some time out to prep your skin so you look and feel your best on the big day. The earlier you can start your skin preparation the better, so you can get the best possible results from your treatments and ensure you have plenty of time to complete your course.

12 months to go

So it may feel like ages away, but if you do have any skin conditions you aren’t happy with, now is the time to start.  Laser hair removal is a really popular treatment with the bride to be, the most common areas being face, underarms, legs and bikini. Just imagine not having to worry about waxing or shaving before the wedding or honeymoon! You will see up to 90% permanent hair reduction but need to allow for a course of eight treatments for best results.

Another popular treatment amongst future brides is tattoo removal. You may have an old tattoo you don’t want to show in your perfect dress, or even worse an ex’s name that really needs to go. Tattoo removal can take several months as you have to have a course and leave around six weeks in between treatments.

If you aren’t happy with your complexion and you have acne scarring or an uneven skin tone, you can opt for laser resurfacing. CO2RE effectively targets both superficial and deeper layers of your skin for a smoother, more even complexion. The targeted energy of the laser stimulates collagen formation for continued improvement and younger-looking skin. You will experience down time with this treatment, so best to start as soon as you can.

Six months to go

Skin Peels are the ideal treatment for brighter, smoother skin, so you are looking your best for your wedding photos. A Glycolic Peel is a treatment suitable for all skin types. It penetrates deep beneath the skin surface, exfoliates and encourages cell regeneration and collagen production. Skin Peels can treat sunspots, acne scars and blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and skin is rejuvenated. Ideally you would have a course of at least three to see optimum results.


Three months to go

If you have a skin condition such a facial thread veins, moles, or milia you would like to remove, three months before is the perfect time to speak to one of our expert dermatologists. We have more dermatologists than any other skin clinic group and can treat a wide range of skin conditions.

1 month to go

You may want to think about anti-ageing injectables or dermal fillers at least a month before. This is the perfect confidence booster when so many people are watching you and the photographer is snapping away. Fillers don’t have to mean a complete change of appearance, they can enhance your natural look and give a fresh and polished appearance.

A special treat a week before the big day…a HydraFacial. Why not take your bridesmaids along for this pre-wedding treat. Its six-step process detoxes, cleanses and exfoliates, brightens, extracts, hydrates and finally rejuvenates, creating wedding-ready skin!


At least two months before, kick start your homecare regime. Our practitioners will carry out a skin assessment and compile a personalised treatment and homecare plan in the lead up to your big day giving you a healthy, glowing and refreshed look for your big day.

If you would like to talk this through with one of our skin experts, book your free consultation today.

HydraFacial is the latest treatment everyone is talking about. And it’s not just the A-listers who are opting for this wonder treatment. Sk:n has an increasing number of male clients are seeing the benefits and returning to us time and time again. So why is HydraFacial so popular amongst men?


  1. It’s not like any other facial

When you think of a facial, you probably think of a spa or salon with relaxing music, incense burning and a feeling of being pampered. Not that you won’t get a pampered feeling from HydraFacial, because you will. But HydraFacial is so much more than a facial. It’s an experience and a confidence booster focusing on the unique philosophy of ‘Skin Health for Life’. There are five treatments to choose from depending on your skin type which generally follow the same principles – a six-step process which gives many more benefits than just a facial. Steps include detox, cleansing and exfoliating, brightening agent, extraction, hydration and rejuvenation.

  1. Improves skin health

A recent Mintel study found that improving skin health is the number one driver for men, with 30% stating this was their primary focus.  HydraFacial will improve overall skin health and stage one kicks off with a skin detox – a lymphatic draining technique which helps increase circulation eliminating toxins.

  1. Consistent and immediate results

Our male clients like treatments which give consistent results, there is no downtime and you can see a difference instantly. A recent study carried out by Realself (2018) found that life events are the main influencers for adults in the UK to pursue aesthetic treatments with the top reason amongst men being starting a new job. HydraFacial will give your skin an instant glow. Step two will remove dead skin cells and gently lift impurities and step three includes a gentle glycolic and salicylic solution which will loosen debris from your pores, brightening your skin.

  1. HydraFacial can prevent spots

Spots were also found to be men’s greatest skincare issue. 46% of men said they feel self-conscious if they have a spot on their face, rising to 63% of men aged 16-24. At sk:n we find a lot of men prefer to invest in preventing spots rather than treating them. Step four of the process will remove blackheads and impurities in congested areas, extracted using honey extract and salicylic acid.

  1. Maximum hydration

Dehydrated skin can be caused by lack of water, diet, incorrect product use, the weather and so on. HydraFacial’s step five combines hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to replenish, plump up and hydrate your skin.

  1. Treats lines and wrinkles

The same study also found that 22% of males worry about wrinkles. Step six in the process is rejuvenation, where an LED light is used to stimulate collagen and also reduces redness, leaving you with instantly glowing skin.

  1. HydraFacial can treat acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems we see at sk:n. In the UK 80% of people aged 11 to 30 are affected by acne and 3 million people over the age of 30 are also affected. HydraFacial has two treatments specifically designed to treat acne which follow the same six-stage process as Skin Health for Life and include an additional step – a Glysal Peel which will regulate oil levels caused by excess sebum.

We can assure you our service will make you feel comfortable and at ease. Our service is discreet and confidential and our team of experts work with you to achieve your desired results. Find out more here.

We hear from Lorna who suffered with acne in 2018 and came to sk:n for help when her skin was affecting her confidence and became continually painful. In just 6 weeks after 3 salicylic peels Lorna saw a huge difference and her acne was almost clear.

“I visited sk:n Milton Keynes in March 2018 after I had a pretty severe acne breakout. I’ve always had hormonal acne, but I’d never had active acne on my cheeks. I’d had a stressful time at work and it suddenly broke out almost overnight.  I didn’t do anything straight away in the hope that it would clear up on its own but after 2 months it was getting worse. My skin made me feel self-conscious, and worse still it was so painful I couldn’t sleep at night as I sleep on my side. Being a makeup artist for MAC, people almost expect you to have good skin which made it even worse. I was also worried it was going to scar as I have a friend who has acne scarring because she ignored it for so long.

I booked an appointment with my GP. He changed my contraceptive pill and said I had to wait a while to see what happened. I was also prescribed an ointment, but this made no difference. I also tried antibiotics as well as facials and loads of different homecare products. None of this worked either, my skin became really dry and looking back some of the products probably made it worse. I had no idea what I was buying or putting on my skin and the cost was escalating. My skin was so congested and using so many products was not helping.

Trust the experts

As nothing seemed to be working, I knew I had to speak to a dermatologist. Before booking a consultation, I read loads of Google reviews about sk:n from existing customers which reassured me they were the experts. My expectations weren’t high and I didn’t expect it to get better, I just wanted to see a slight improvement to reduce the pain and inflammation. I knew the staff at sk:n were professionals and I trusted them completely.

Initial consultation

During my initial consultation with a dermatologist I was asked lots of questions about what I had tried previously and what products I was using. I was told to immediately stop using all of the products. They used a skin scanner to look at my skin in more detail and told me how dehydrated my skin was. I also got to see some before and after shots of other clients which was great to see.


I was prescribed various products to use at home which would also prepare my skin for the first treatment. Products included Dermaquest Hydrating B5 Serum, Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser and sk:n SPF 30. I used these throughout the treatment and still use them now.


After using the homecare products for 2 weeks, I was ready for my first treatment which was the first of a course of 3 salicylic peels. Initially the treatment felt quite uncomfortable (only for a few minutes) and felt like a burning sensation. After the treatment I had quite a lot of peeling and couldn’t wear make-up. Surprisingly this actually didn’t bother me that much, in fact it helped me to talk to people about my experience. Through my job as a make-up artist I would meet people everyday but they wanted to hear about my journey and I would show them my before pictures! And I knew the more it peeled, the more it was working so it was actually quite satisfying! The peeling lasted around 10 days from my first treatment, and my 2nd and 3rd treatment the peeling lasted around 3-5 days.

Post treatment

After just 3 salicylic peels my skin was almost blemish free, it felt soft, smooth and my friends called it my “baby skin”! Now I only have hormonal break outs on my chin and I rarely get spots on my cheeks. The treatment made such a big difference and it was totally worth it. I saw an amazing transformation with very few treatments. After 3 treatments and just 6 weeks my acne had almost gone. It was incredible and I am so happy with the results! I now feel confident and I am so surprised how far my skin has come in such a short space of time.  I acted quickly and I’m so happy that I did as now I don’t have any acne scarring. It was the best decision I made.


The service I received in the clinic was exceptional. The practitioners who carried out my treatments were so personable and their service went above and beyond. The receptionist greeted me by name and I was blown away by how comfortable they made me feel. I recommend sk:n to everyone and tell anyone I meet through my job about sk:n in the hope that they too can also benefit from sk:n treatments. sk:n totally exceeded my expectations!


Aesthetics treatments amongst males are becoming increasingly popular. A recent study carried out by Realself (2018) states that life events are the main influencers for men (70%) in the UK to pursue aesthetic treatments. In fact men are nearly three times more likely than women to say getting divorced or ending a relationship influenced their decision to opt for aesthetic treatments. Our male clients at sk:n feedback to us they feel ‘comfortable’ and ‘reassured’ throughout the whole process. Our service is discreet and confidential and our team of experts work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

So what treatments are we finding are most popular amongst out male clients?

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is increasingly popular amongst our male clients who want to remove unwanted hair from the upper arms, back, chest, abdomen, eyebrows, beard and neck. Laser hair removal means you can say goodbye to ingrown hair and skin sensitivity after regular shaving. You will have a treatment course of 6-8 sessions and see a difference in hair reduction after just a few treatments. The team at sk:n are laser hair removal experts, having treated over 1 million people for laser hair removal. You can have a discreet, no obligation consultation with one of our experts to talk through what you would like to achieve.

Tattoo Removal

If you want to remove or just fade your tattoo to add new ink, sk:n use high grade laser technology which is simple, effective and the safest way to remove a tattoo. The laser light passes through the skin to break up the ink, which is then naturally disposed of through the body. If you need to get rid of your tattoo quickly, visit one of our Tattoo Centres of Excellence where we use the latest most advanced laser technology – The PicoWay Laser, which should remove your tattoo in roughly half the treatment time of a standard laser. PicoWay laser is available in our Glasgow, Esher, Bluewater, London Harley Street and London Wall clinics.


Anti-Aging Injectable treatments

We are seeing an increasing number of men who are looking for a long-term solution to lines and wrinkles. With our Anti-Ageing Ijectable and Dermal Filler treatments, we can create a look which is refreshed and natural.

Many people find the sun has aged their skin and you may not want to look younger,  but just good for your age. Anti-Ageing Injectables can address lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead.

Dermal Fillers can enhance your facial features and are the solution to a number of concerns. Fillers can reduce dark circles and add volume to hollows under the eyes rejuvenating tired eyes, , reduces lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, lips, décolletage and hands and boosts collagen production and overall skin quality. Our injectable treatments give you instant results and there is no down time, so you can go straight back to work. Our injectable treatments are carried out by doctors and nurse prescribers only, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Acne Treatments

Acne is one of the most common skin problems we see. In the UK 80% of people aged 11 to 30 are affected by acne. And its not just that younger age group, 3 million people over the age of 30 are also affected. If you suffer with this condition, remember you are not alone and you should never feel embarrassed about seeking help. sk:n offer a wide range of treatments and products to treat acne and many of our clients have reported a huge difference in just a few weeks.  Our experienced practitioners will work with you to find the right solution for you, with a tailored treatment and homepage package to get the best results.

July is a huge month for sporting events! 1st July saw the worlds oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament kick off at Wimbledon with two weeks of grass court action from 1st-14th July.  Women’s football which is bigger than ever this year shares the sporting spotlight in the first week of July as we see the final played on Sunday 7th July in France. The cricket world cup also continues throughout July with the final on Sunday 14th July at Lord’s. not forgetting the 106th Tour de France, 21 races over 3460km throughout Belgium and France completing on 28th July.

According to YouGov, almost a quarter of Brits don’t use a sunscreen in summer,  and skin cancer rates have more than doubled since the early 1990’s.  In fact cancer rates are higher and have risen faster among men than women and when it comes to out-of-date sunscreen, men are again at greater risk of harm than women. While 47% of women are wittingly or unwittingly using ineffective sun cream, this figure rises to 58% among men.

So if you are planning on being a spectator at some of these events, or simply play sports outside, make sure you are you protecting your skin properly. Here are a few top tips to keep you sun safe this spring and summer.





So whatever you are up to, enjoy the sun and enjoy it safely! And may the best team win.


With the holiday season upon us it’s time to ask yourself,  are you sun cream savvy? The sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing so its more important than ever to protect your skin.  As there so many creams to choose from, we have put together this handy guide to help you select which one is right for you. We have highlighted some of our favourites available at sk:n.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, it’s essential to shop carefully for sun protection, whether it is avoiding irritating preservatives, chemicals or fragrance. As you would with other skincare products, it’s just as important to read up on the ingredients.

For sensitive skin one of our favourites is Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF50+ which provides maximum protection for fair and hypersensitive skin which is prone to sunburn. It has an essential water-resistant formula, contains Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant and the fabulous Avène Thermal Spring Water to heal and soothe the skin with its anti-irritating properties.

Some of us are often in a hurry and find sprays easier to use than creams. Try Heliocare® Advanced Spray SPF50 which gives you essential UV and anti-oxidant skin protection in an easy to apply spray lotion – perfect for use on the face or body.

Loved by our skincare experts, Heliocare® 360˚ Mineral SPF50 is the ultimate, photo and anti-oxidant skin protection in a natural, breathable mineral formulation. This wonder-product will leave your skin feeling silky with a satin glow and is also ideal to use under make up.


Premature ageing

To protect your skin against premature ageing, select a sun screen which has a high SPF (protection from UVB rays) and also protects against UVA rays, which can penetrate the skin deeply causing premature ageing and deep wrinkles.

Dermaquest Youth Protection SPF 30 moisturises and protects, and whilst providing high factor SPF, also nourishes the skin with nutrients, reducing the signs of ageing, restoring youthful skin. Use as your daily moisturiser or under your make up.


If you are looking for a bargain, check out our sk:n SPF 30. With 50% off  in May this will cost you just £11.25. A light oil-free formulation that protects the skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. The skin will also feel hydrated due to the Violet Rice Extract, rich in amino acids and vitamin B.



Heliocare® Color Gelcream Light SPF50 50ml combines essential UV and anti-oxidant skin protection (SPF 50) with a creamy foundation to match your skin type. The moisturising gelcream provides a natural-looking, even foundation coverage and is available in 2 colours, Light or Brown and is suitable for all skin types. This fab product can also be used as your morning moisturiser.



If your skin is oily or spot-prone, it’s really important you chose a sun cream which is breathable, so that the cream or gel doesn’t clog up pores which can cause spots.

Try Heliocare® 360˚ Oil Free Gel SPF50 which is the ultimate, photo and anti-oxidant skin protection in an ultra-light, mattifying gel that absorbs into the skin leaving it hydrated. Can also replace your morning moisturiser.


Don’t forget, the rays from the sun can easily break through the clouds, so sun protection on your face should be used every day.

Spring is finally here! As the warmer weather approaches, we all think about our Spring / Summer wardrobe, and Spring cleaning our home. But did you know that household cleaning products contain a range of chemicals which can be harmful to the skin, especially if we’re using them on a regular basis? Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Daron Seukeran, sk:n’s Group Medical Director, shares his top 10 tips on how to keep your skin safe whilst cleaning.

If you do encounter any issues: