Case study: Laser hair removal for bikini line

By Beth Donaghy 22nd August 2019 Category: Advice

“I didn’t find it nearly as painful as waxing”

Fay, 36, is a busy mother of two children. She came to see the laser experts at sk:n because she was looking for a more effective, longer-lasting method for keeping her bikini line in check. Here, she shares her experience of trying a course of laser hair removal treatments at sk:n; what it entailed, how long it took – and most importantly, whether she achieved the results she had been hoping for.

Before trying laser hair removal, my bikini line hair was very high maintenance. I’d tried shaving, waxing and sugaring and would only be happy with my bikini line immediately after I’d waxed or shaved. If I shaved, then I would have regrowth the following day, which would make the area itchy and uncomfortable. I found that waxing and sugaring provided a longer-lasting result, but the actual process was very time consuming and painful. I would be happy with the results for a couple of weeks, but then suffered with ingrown hairs.

So, I came to sk:n to find a more permanent solution to maintain my bikini line – that wouldn’t result in ingrown hairs or shaving rash. A friend had recommended I try laser hair removal and I was expecting to receive a similar result to that of waxing. I was excited about trying something new.

I was impressed at how quick the whole procedure was. The first zap was a bit of a shock, but once I knew what to expect, I relaxed into it and I didn’t find it nearly as painful as waxing.

I’ve now had a course of six treatments and the results are unbelievable; so much better than I anticipated. I would say I’ve achieved around a 75% reduction in hair growth now that the treatment course is finished – and I haven’t had a single ingrown hair since my second treatment.

I had two different practitioners during the course of treatments and both made me feel really at ease. They were professional and I felt very confident in their abilities.

Now I  would like to have the treatment in other areas, in particular my underarms and face.

I would encourage anybody who is considering trying laser hair removal, but is perhaps feeling a bit self-conscious, to just go for it. There’s really no need to feel embarrassed; the practitioner will make you feel at ease and the treatment is over very quickly.  The results are well worth overcoming any self-conscious feelings!

I would absolutely recommend sk:n clinics to others. Now I’ve tried laser hair removal, I’m interested in trying some of the other procedures they have on offer. I’ll definitely be going back!

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