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Blackhead Treatments At sk:n

Blackheads are ugly, annoying and very common. It has been said that blackheads can be considered as the first stage of acne. Blackheads, also known as an open comedo, are a widened hair follicle that is covered by a blackened mass of skin debris, bacteria and oil.


I feel so much more confident. I wish I had done it years ago." Sahera Ugharatdar

What can sk:n do to help?

If you're still struggling from blackheads and you want to seek more advice, book in for a free consultation with one of our experienced therapists or dermatologists. Here, they will give you information about all the routes you can take to clearer skin.

Advanced Salycilic Peels from £120 £324
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Isolaz Treatment from £150 £405
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How to get rid of blackheads?

To get rid of blackheads and to prevent them from returning it is vital to keep your skin clean and your pore openings from becoming clogged. Blocked pores are the main cause of blackheads so this is the most important thing.

Once your pores are clean it's best to gently exfoliate with a well formulated BHA (Salicylic Acid) cleanser will give you fresher and cleaner skin will which leave a smother texture to the skin. Once your skin has been exfoliated it's best to avoid oily moisturisers because the thick consistency and ingredients will only clog up pores further.

You can stop blackheads from returning by following some simple steps to take to make it as easy as possible. Maintain an oil free complexion through irritant free facemasks and oil-blotting papers. These will lessen the oil and grime from building up on the face that will dramatically reduce the chances of blackheads from returning in future.

It is also best to keep your hair away from your face, as it will prevent oils from being transferred to your skin. Also, exposing your skin to sunlight or ultra-violet light will help unblock pores and beat blackheads. You must remember that when exposing yourself to sunlight or ultraviolet rays you must protect your skin by using a non-greasy SPF.


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