Acne Treatments in Dartford

Do you suffer with Acne? Do you feel like you're alone in your battle to take control and get better skin?

At our sk:n clinic in Dartford we want to support and help you to achieve better looking skin. We have the highest understanding of the skin disease and access to some of the best Acne Treatments on the market to help you plan for clear skin.

Why visit sk:n?

  • Over 25 year’s partnership with NHS
  • Most in-depth training in the Industry
  • Structured treatment plans, personalised to your needs and pocket
  • More acne sufferers successfully treated than any other provider
  • Highest grade accreditation with CQC, BSF, IHAS, TYCT
  • FREE parking and accessible location within David Lloyd health club
  • Evening and weekend appointments available


Our Dartford clinic is located at Bluewater in Kent. Free parking is available and disabled access is also provided. Open until 9pm most days, the clinic offers accessible and convenient appointments with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists.


When you visit our clinic in Dartford you will be met by a team of highly qualified and trained personnel. Our Medical Director- Dr Jeremy Halfhide, Clinic Manager- Alison Johnson and our highly experienced team of doctors, nurses and practitioners. All of which have undergone lengthy training to ensure all treatments are carried out according to the strictest medical protocols.


Advanced Salicylic Skin Peel from £120
Advanced Pyruvic Skin Peel from £135
Complete sk:n Anti-Blemish Product Range £117
Free Anti-Blemish Pack free with 6 treatment courses from £612, including £134 free pack



It is important to understand that everyone's needs are different and this also applies to the best treatment for you to treat your particular type of acne. In order for us to get the best results for you, we must assess and grade your acne at a consultation with an acne practitioner at sk:n. We will discuss treatment options and produce a recommended treatment plan tailored to you; both your needs and your budget.

Treatment could include medical-grade skin peels, selected for their properties to reduce redness, exfoliate the skin, cleanse pores and promote new skin cell turn over. The peels come in various strengths and are usually used in a combination with other treatments.

There is also a range of anti-blemish products formulated by our dermatologists to be used in between treatments, that have been patented and proven to effectively reduce acne outbreaks. On average, most clients see a greater than 40% reduction in their acne when using a course of our prodcuts.

In some cases a medical prescription to treat severe acne is required, but this is under strict guidance and only given in particular circumstances if felt necessary by a doctor.