Acne Treatments in bluewater

What are acne treatments?

At sk:n Bluewater, we are renowned for our effective acne treatments. Designed to break the seemingly endless cycle of acne breakouts, our targeted skin peels, microdermabrasion, HydraFacials and Isolaz treatments work to reduce acne-causing bacteria, whilst cleansing pores, removing debris and calming irritation and inflammation. 


Before and after acne treatments in Solihull


Acne treatment in BLUEWATER, KENT

Our Bluewater clinic is located inside Bluewater shopping centre, making it the perfect addition to your day out at the shops. There’s even free parking!


sk:n’s award-winning chain of clinics is known nationwide for its expertise in tackling acne-prone skin. As a CQC-regulated clinic, you can put your trust in the team of experts at sk:n Bluewater to deliver your acne treatments safely and to a very high standard. We have helped millions of people to achieve greater confidence through better skin since our launch in 1990. Book a consultation today and find out how we can do the same for you with acne treatments at sk:n Bluewater.