Kulsum’s story

Kulsum Patel, 25, suffers with unwanted body hair. It's not unusual, with many women in the UK feeling embarrassed of other people’s perceptions. Kulsum tells her story: “I feel very self-conscious about all areas of my body; my legs, navel, bikini line, hands and arms. It is so stressful trying to keep on top of temporary hair removers; even waxing doesn’t last long.

“I have tried all of the temporary fixes, from waxing and threading to plucking and shaving, but the hair just comes back with a vengeance! I went to sk:n to ask if there was anything that could be done. The nurse there was so helpful, and she explained to me that laser hair removal is safe.

Kulsum is liberating her body of hair once and for all, using the only truly permanent reduction solution - Laser Hair Removal - and glowing with new found self confidence

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