Ross Marriott’s Story

There's no need to hide!

When we think of the effect that acne has on its sufferers, we think of the red and irritated breakouts leading to loss of self-esteem and confidence, but we rarely think of the deep scars that acne leaves once it has cleared and the long-lasting effects they have on those who bear them. Just when acne sufferers feel that their turmoil may be coming to an end, they find themselves still unable to face the world with confidence and with a reminder of the acne they once had. Ross Marriott, 21 recently visited sk:n clinics after researching treatments through their website and decided that Dermaroller treatment sounded like it could be the solution he was looking for. Ross talks about his experiences with acne scarring and how his life has changed with the help of sk:n clinics and Dermaroller.

Acne Scar Treatment

“I’ve had acne scars ever since my teens and when it began to clear at the age of 17 I was relieved. However, since then I have had to live with the constant reminder of the acne I once had in the form of deep scarring. All of my friends have smooth, clear skin and I felt fed up that even after my teens and the active acne that plagued me, I was still conscious of my uneven skin and unsightly scars.

“I tried some products that claimed to get rid of scarring, but they did nothing to combat the deep scars that I had and only served to make my skin greasy. It wasn’t until I came across sk:n clinics that I realised that there were real, clinical treatments that were proven to help. I wasted no time in contacting them after reading up on Dermaroller.

“After an in-depth consultation with Dr Askari Townshend at the Northampton sk:n clinic, I was excited to start treatment. He explained all about how Dermaroller works and how I would optimise results by following a regime at home too. At first I was worried that it would hurt but that fear soon went away as a numbing cream was applied to my face prior to treatment that relieved any discomfort.

“I was told that I would need a course of treatments in clinic 3 weeks apart and in-between I was supplied with a Dermaroller to use three times a week at home. I really felt that this helped with my progress, especially when combined with sk:n pore refining lotion that I applied every night. I noticed improvements in-between each treatment but it wasn’t until my last visit to Dr Townshend that I realised how much of a change had occurred in my skin. I was astonished when I looked at before and after photographs and saw the difference. My skin is now much smoother and the scars have all but vanished!

“The great thing about Dermaroller was that the side-effects were minimal, with nothing more than a bit of redness for a few days after each treatment. I still felt comfortable going about my day to day life knowing that my skin was actively repairing itself.

“I felt entirely informed before, during and after my treatment from sk:n and feel that I have been given the tools and knowledge to be able to look after my skin in the future. The people at sk:n are so knowledgeable and welcoming. I felt at ease from the moment I stepped through the door and haven’t looked back since!

“I feel so much more confident in group situations and don’t feel the need to hide away any more.”

Dr Townshend says:

“Ross had deep acne scars that were affecting his confidence but from the moment I saw him I knew that sk:n would be able to help. I always encourage clients to take control of the way their skin looks by giving advice and products for them to use at home after they leave the clinic. In addition to 5 treatments of Dermaroller, Ross was supplied with sk:n pore refining lotion that contains Vitamin A to aid the stimulation of new collagen production which helps soften the appearance of scars.

“Home Dermaroller treatment continues stimulating the changes that the in-clinic treatment has already begun; clients can use a smaller, gentle Dermaroller at home to optimise results and make a real change.

“I’m thrilled that Ross’ self-esteem has improved, our acne scarring and skin resurfacing treatments use the latest technology and the very best equipment to make certain that our clients achieve visible, impressive results. Ross’ skin will continue to repair and rejuvenate over time and he will achieve his best results a few months after his last treatment."

Why choose Sk:n

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  • No other clinic has a higher success rate