Lucy Conlon’s Story


Acne and acne scarring has caused Lucy to suffer for over 10 years. Lucy says “My acne really affects my confidence and when it’s at its worst, I get really depressed. I couldn’t even think about leaving the house without make up on!” An encounter in the past has left Lucy with a lack of confidence; she recalls “Someone did ask me if I had been burnt on my face once!”

Like many acne sufferers, Lucy has been prescribed many varieties of antibiotics and over-the-counter solutions, but none have helped her problem. “I am fed up with always worrying about my skin and having to reapply make-up throughout the day. It really gets me down.”

Lucy feels that the treatment has been extremely successful: “I now have no spots and my skin’s complexion has become much smoother overall, which I noticed after just two treatments. My friends and family have commented on my skin, saying how nice it looks now. I feel so much more confident now, and will happily go to the shops without any make up on, which is something I never would’ve considered before.”






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