Meet some clients who discovered better skin..

So many of our clients tell us that we've helped them change their lives - they find new self-confidence and their self-esteem keeps growing long after treatments have ended. Here's what some of you have told us:

"I have tried all of the temporary fixes, from waxing and threading to plucking and shaving, but the hair just came back with a vengeance!" - Kulsum Patel

Kulsum Patel’s Story

"I feel very self-conscious about all areas of my body; my legs, navel, bikini line, hands and arms." - Kulsum Patel. Read more

Lisa Hawthorne’s Story

"I saw the results instantly; my face looked fuller and lifted. I could see my cheekbones and dimples which seemed to have disappeared years ago!" - Lisa Hawthorne. Read more

Lucy Conlon’s Story

 "My acne really affects my confidence and when it's at its worst, I get really depressed. I couldn’t even think about leaving the house without make up on!"  - Lucy Conlon. Read more

Ross Marriott’s Story

"I feel so much more confident in group situations and don't feel the need to hide away any more." - Ross Marriott. Read more