Skn Clinics are rated 4.8 out of 5 for Lip Fillers based on 373 reviews across all our clinics.

my consultant is helpful

Professionalism. Confidence of good practitioners

Clear Information and good results

Honesty and care

You tend to get what you pay for.

Excellent service every time I go

The doctor And receptionist were lovely very calming Will 100% be back

The treatments and staff that administer the treatments are all excellent and give great customer care. The administration at the reception is patchy and confused. There is no price list transparently displayed and a written quotation is not given after a consultation. After my consultation, I asked one of the staff on reception how much the treatment would be if I decided to go ahead. She showed me a price list and wrote on it the cost of my treatment (which included a 10% discount, part of SK:N's pricing and printed on the price list). When I had my treatment and paid for it, another staff member took my payment but did not apply the discount. I realized this when I got home and rang the helpline. I was asked to email the staff member who had taken the payment, which I did. She did not contact me and had not contacted me after 3 days had passed. I then went back into the clinic and was told the staff member would telephone me. I asked why someone else could not refund me the money as it was clearly printed on the price list and was a mistake made by a member of staff. I was told this particular staff member had to do it. Later that evening, a staff member (not the one who took the payment) telephoned me and said that she could refund me the money. Why are staff members at reception not fully aware of their own pricing policy? Why did it take me 3 days, 1 email and 1 visit to the clinic to be refunded? I was previously a client of SK:N about 8 years ago and I stopped using the clinic for similar reasons as above. As I said, the treatments and staff who deliver these are great but the reception service is not and it makes me wary of trusting what is said to me there.

Love my lips

Prompt, courteous and efficient service from the team at Bournemouth.


Great advice, knowledge and support. Happy and helpful staff in a lovely setting.

Very straight forward visit and very happy with the results. Dr Koehler was lovely too!

Always very friendly and helpful. Jacky is amazing. Takes time to explain the procedure and ensures that you are comfortable and happy. Vanessa

I like the friendly atmosphere,and attention to detail.Care is taken at every step,and the procedures explained fully.

Les is fantastic! :)

Had Lip Filler - Violift 1 vial. My second time having it done at this clinic and this time it was 100% better than last - this is all due to the Doctor! I requested a change and am glad I did! He was calming, cool and knowledgable! My lips now look fuller and I’m loving it. They should last 6 months. Hoping they do! I’ll be going back for more defiantly.

Easy to book an appointment and the staff are very friendly. The treatments are excellent.

Don’t like call centre method of booking. Would much prefer to deal direct with clinic.

There has been continued professionalism and quality since moving over to SKIN Whilst i acknowledge the rational for taking a deposit when booking an appointment I would suggest this should be optional based on discretionary arrangements with long standing customers as this infers unreliability which may not be the case, for me anyhow. I continue to recommend the service.

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