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Do you know what's in your skin care products?

29th January 2016

We lather them all over our delicate skin, morning and night, so it’s important that we know what our skin care products actually contain. Look out for these 3 ingredients and discover how they can help improve your skin!
  • Vitamin A stimulates the turnover of cells, revealing brighter and younger skin. It is usually found in anti-aging products as the older we get, the more our cell turnover decreases.
  • Magnolia bark contains anti-inflammatory substances – a good one to look out for this if you suffer from redness/ rosacea!
  • Glycolic acid helps to gently clear pores and salicylic acid is great for dissolving excess oils and debris that clog pores up thus allowing oxygen in. If you have very oily and blemish prone skin these ingredients will work well as part of your skin care routine.
sk:n have developed 5 product ranges which have been researched and clinically tested by our Medical standards team. All of our products contain active ingredients at levels which bring proven results.


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