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10 simple steps towards more radiant skin

12nd February 2016

Even the clearest complexions need a little extra TLC in the harsh winter months. Use these easy top 10 tips to help you discover better skin!

  1. Cleanse: clean skin is beautiful skin! Cleanse your skin thoroughly morning and night to prevent your pores from being clogged up. This may sound obvious, but a deep cleanse is the basis to healthy glowing skin.
  1. Exfoliate: our skin can often appear dull and washed out in the winter, try gently exfoliating once or twice a week to remove a build-up of dead skin cells, makeup and oils to reveal fresher skin underneath. Regular exfoliation also helps minimize the appearance of pores.
  1. Hydration: it is important to hydrate the skin from both within and externally. The phrase ‘8 by 8’ is useful at keeping track of how many glasses you should consume before the end of the day. When it comes to hydrating your skin from the outside, the optimum time is when you have just got out the shower, as your skin will be porous and therefore more susceptible to the products that are applied.
  1. Nourish your skin from within: having a healthy balanced diet will benefit your well-being as a whole, but your skin will be especially grateful! Vegetables such as peppers, carrots and kale contain an antioxidant called carotenoid which is proven to improve skin’s density, thickness, tone and general appearance. Avocados and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and they help towards maintaining moisture in the epidermal layer of your skin, making it soft and hydrated.
  1. Protect: to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and evenly toned it is vital that you wear SPF every day. Even in the winter months UV rays are still extremely harmful to the skin. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen is proven to help decrease the development of skin cancer… no excuses! Do not skip this part of your skincare routine.
  1. Clean your makeup brushes: a recent British survey suggests that up to 72% of people never wash their makeup brushes or sponges! They collect dirt and bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Simply mix some mild cleanser or shampoo into lukewarm water in a cup and give your brushes a good clean on a weekly basis.
  1. Get your 8 hours: it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Sleep deprivation decreases circulation, which is why you may lack luminosity if you don’t get enough rest. Getting plenty of sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate itself: You’ll be less grumpy and look better for it!
  1. Stay out of super-hot water: a hot shower on a cold winter’s morning may sound very appealing, but think twice before you reach for the shower thermostat. Very hot water strips our skin of essential oils and creates a mild burn. This causes our skin to appear very red and sometimes swollen. This is all well and good in our twenties, as our skin recovers in under an hour. However, by our thirties, the recovery time will be longer and in our forties, our skins ability to return to its original state decreases dramatically, meaning you stay looking flushed for far longer.
  1. Wear sunglasses: protect the very delicate skin around your eyes, not only with SPF but also with polarized glasses. Sunglasses, decrease our need to squint from bright light, meaning we can prevent deeper wrinkles from forming.
  1. ….and relax: external and environmental factors are said to be the biggest catalyst to the ageing process. Set aside an amount of time per week to do something you love. Whether your thing is yoga or mountain biking, your skin will love you for it.

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