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Goodbye Razors: Hello Lasers!

3rd December 2015

The latest technology in hair removal now available in Reading!

At skin we offer the most permanent form of hair removal, using the most technologically advanced lasers and the most trained practitioners in the industry!

Getting rid of unwanted body or facial hair can be a daily monotonous task for many. As little as 6 – 8 laser hair removal sessions at skin could ensure that the hair removal process is a chore of the past.

As a new client at sk:n Reading you can benefit from 50% off your first laser hair removal treatment and with sessions lasting just 15 minutes it’s never been more convenient to begin your hair free journey today!

Know what you’re getting – Laser Hair Removal vs. IPL

Not all Laser Hair Removal treatments are the same. Many clinics offer IPL (intense pulse light) treatments and still call it Laser Hair Removal. There tend to be the offers that you see on popular daily deals websites.

There’s a big difference:


Laser Hair Removal targets the root of the hairs specifically, and is effective on a wide variety of skin tones.

IPL cannot target the hair follicles exclusively and heats the skin during treatment. It can cause damage to darker skin tones.

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