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Acne Uncovered: Model given acne to empathise with sister

15th September 2014

Model Megan Morewood teamed up with sk:n clinics and celebrity make-up artist Liz Tagg to help her truly empathise with her younger sister who suffers from severe acne.

Megan’s face was covered with a layer of prosthetic acne, allowing her to experience the impact of her sister’s skin problems first-hand.

Megan’s reaction was then captured on film. In the video she says "With the help of sk:n clinics and a professional makeup artist, I'm going to be given the opportunity to experience what it's like to have the skin of an acne sufferer.

"I've been modelling for about 13 years now and in my line of work, it's very important to have clear skin.

"On the other hand, my sister has had a difficult time with her skin. She suffers with quite severe acne and it's something that affects her confidence levels on a day to day basis and how she sees herself.

"I'd quite like today to find out a little bit more about what she goes through and just put myself in her shoes"

After being made up with the acne and looking the mirror, Megan goes on to say "The face that if I left the studio, it's not even about other people judging me; it's more about how I feel about myself, my self-esteem. I already feel less confident and that's something my sister's had to deal with for years."

Watch the video below:


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