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Acne Uncovered: Journalist shown what having acne is really like

16th September 2014

Journalist Helen Wright teamed up with sk:n and celebrity make-up artist Liz Tagg to help her experience what it is like to have adult acne. After being given prosthetic acne, Helen goes out for the day to live her life as she normally would. She explains the emotional affects she felt being in the shoes of an acne sufferer.

In the video, Helen explains "As part of my job I get to talk to people from lots of walks of life including many people that have skin conditions such as acne.

"Today sk:n clinics have ask me to get under the skin of what it really feels like to have acne and to report back and let you know how it feels."

After her acne make-up was applied, Helen went out to spend a day in her new skin. The results were extremely insightful.

Helen explains "I felt very self-conscious. I didn’t stop thinking about my skin all the time and whenever I spoke to anybody I just felt like it defined me and who I was.

"I went into a shop and I was convinced that the lady behind the counter was looking at my face and that she was staring at me, which she probably wasn’t, I just felt like she was. And I went out, I went to try and chat up some guys in a bar, like I would do with my friends normally and I was touching my face all the time, I was trying to hide, you know, sort of talking like this [hides face with hand], and I just wasn’t myself. I didn’t feel myself and I didn’t feel like I could be as confident as I would normally be and I felt self-conscious actually.

I’ve only had a small insight into what it’s like to have a skin condition like this and I’m so glad that there is expert help available and I’m only realising now just how important that is."

Watch the full video below:

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