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NHS continue to cut 'low clinical value' treatments

7th November 2014

Despite increasing demand for services on the NHS, the organisation is actually facing the challenge of having to achieve £20 billion of efficiency savings by 2015. The main aim is to free up the money spent on what the NHS deem as 'low clinical value' treatments so they can invest more in services with better clinical outcomes, as well as medical research.

You may have noticed, if you have visited your GP about a skin condition that is bothering you, that they are unable to treat and often refer you to a private medical practice. This is becoming more and more common as the local Clinical Commissioning Groups nationally have to achieve an annual reduction in spending of approximately £500 million.

We are currently building close relationships with the NHS and local Clinical Commissioning Groups so that sk:n and the NHS can work more closely together on referral schemes.

Below we have put together a list of treatments that are already becoming increasingly difficult to get on the NHS, but that we offer at sk:n.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

If you're suffering from excess sweating and visit your GP they will suggest lifestyle changes, and prescribe antiperspirant which contains aluminium chloride. However, if this also fails to improve the condition, you will be referred to a dermatologist for further treatment which is not provided on the NHS.

At sk:n we have specialist dermatologists in each clinic to help treat hyperhidrosis.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not generally available on the NHS as it is deemed a cosmetic procedure. Even if you are suffering from excess hair due to PCOS or hersutism, the NHS will only provide oral medication and not laser hair removal.

Our lasers can treat all skin types and tones and are the best on the market! We provide an exclusive discounts for those suffering from PCOS, which you can enquire about in your free consultation.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal on the NHS is very hard to come by, and is only offered to those that are being considerably mentally affected by the results of the tattoo, or were given the tattoo unwillingly. Even if you are accepted by the NHS for treatment, you are likely to be held on a long waiting list.

If you have a tattoo which you now regret, you can book in for a consultation and test patch at your nearest sk:n clinic (we have 34 across the UK!)

Minor Skin Procedures

The NHS has had its minor skin procedures dramatically reduced so if you've got an unwanted mole, skin tag, wart or verruca then the NHS are unlikely to remove it for you.

With moles especially the NHS will only remove cancerous moles - however this could take over 12 weeks to get it both checked and removed. Here at sk:n our leading dermatologists can have your moles checked, removed and tested within just 1 week.

Varicose Vein Removal

Varicose veins are often unsightly but don't cause any major health risks. Therefore the NHS won't remove them unless they are causing the patient significant pain and even then the treatment is invasive and waiting times for surgery can be lengthy.

Here at sk:n our varicose vein removal is done using cutting edge radio frequency treatment which is less invasive that the surgical stripping method; meaning you'll be able to get back on your feet straight after treatment.

Have you found it difficult to get treatment on the NHS? Let us know by tweeting us @sknclinics

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