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sk:n: A valuable member of the 'Treatments You Can Trust' group

1st October 2012

The importance of using the best possible dermatologists and products when undergoing any surgical or non-surgical treatment has been covered within the national news once again within the last few weeks. Changes in legislation were recently pushed through by the government backed initiative, ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ (TYCT), to stop doctors remotely prescribing.

In the past, plenty of nurses across the country were offering Botox® treatments from their own homes or converted treatment rooms. This gave them the ability to offer treatments at lower rates than many professional, doctor-led clinic chains, but with a much higher risk. Such nurses would contact doctors asking them to remotely prescribe the drug for the treatment, but without the doctor ever actually seeing the patient. Often these nurses were also administering the drug before being a doctor had even prescribed. This meant patients were put in a high risk position should anything go wrong with the procedure.

sk:n was pleased to support the change in legislation, bringing safer injectable treatments to the UK public. Since the new legislation was introduced, sk:n continues towards becoming the largest and most accredited provider of Botox® treatments in the UK. Their 39 nationwide clinics will support anyone who is interested in any form of rejuvenation procedure or treatment, offering in depth consultations where patients are able to discuss their options.

When you visit a sk:n clinic, you know you’re in safe hands. In a recent survey, 96.5% of participants said that they would visit a skin clinic if they were looking to have a Botox® treatment as opposed to within someone’s home or a retail outlet.

Andrew Randall, Managing Director at sk:n, said: “We are glad that the legislation on remote prescribing has been passed because it means that the UK public are better protected against risky Botox® treatments. We believe in only providing the best treatments to our clients, which is why each client goes through a thorough consultation prior to any treatment so as to ensure that all expectations are met. We continue to be the leading skin care clinic in the UK because our clients always know that when they choose sk:n, they will be in safe hands and receive the highest quality of custaomer care.”

If you’d like more information about sk:n and the treatments they provide, call one of their friendly team today on 0800 028 7222 or visit sknclinics.co.uk.

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