• Bangladeshi transgender model determined to become Miss World

    A 23 year old Bangladeshi Glamour Model, Amelia Maltepe, has publicly opened up about the difficulties she faced in life, because of her desire to transform from a man to a woman.... read more

  • Tips for tightening loose skin after pregnancy

    Your pregnancy is likely to be one of the most precious and memorable times of your life. There are some women who will return back to their usual pre-pregnancy figures immediately after giving birth and then there are others, who will face some difficulties returning back to their usual shape and form.... read more

  • Tips on how to feel confident in your bikini this summer

    Some women have no problem confidently walking around in their bikini on holiday, while others may feel quite timid and be reaching for the sarong. If this sounds familiar and you're not completely comfortable wearing a bikini on vacation, then please see below some useful tips on how you can overcome this problem.... read more

  • Healthy living - why coconut water is good for you

    Health experts and nutritionists always advise on drinking plenty of water throughout the day for health and skin benefits. Coconut water has many more health benefits than drinking just plain water.... read more

  • Discover how to get feet ready for the summer holidays

    If you’re looking to wear sandals and flaunt your feet this summer, then make sure they are in top form. There are a number of steps you can follow to ensure your feet are looking perfect, which will now be discussed below.... read more

  • Facts on how placenta can help new mums with their health and skin

    Giving birth is probably one of the most painful yet exciting experiences in a woman’s life. Recent findings have shown that a woman’s placenta can help towards improving their health and skin.... read more

  • Simple ways to get beach-ready this summer

    Summer is upon us, and it's that time of year again, where we want to be on the beach sunbathing or just drinking cocktails by the pool. With our busy and fast-paced lives, it becomes quite challenging to be completely beach-ready for our pre-planned summer vacations.... read more

  • Should You Be Doing Facial Workouts?

    Your face contains muscles, just like any other part of your body, so in order to maintain the skins elasticity you should make sure you keep it moving. You may find as you get older the skin around your face begins to sag a bit, and you become increasingly paranoid of ‘chicken neck’.... read more

  • Is Kate Middleton having a baby girl?

    After the slip announcement of the royal baby’s gender last week, you’ve probably heard the rumour that Kate Middleton could be having a girl.... read more

  • Spring collection clothes shopping

    With the London and New York fashion weeks of late, some of us have been inspired to suss out the new collections in store on the local high street.... read more

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