• Let's talk plump lips

    The good news is that, if done performed cautiously and professionally treatments such as getting beautiful, plump lips like the famous, may actually not be a bad idea and can make you look younger.... read more

  • Thermage treatment featured on the doctors

    Thermage is a safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth and improve skin for an overall younger looking and glowing appearance.... read more

  • Is Sculptra for me?

    It’s time we banished deep lines and wrinkles from our life, and won the battle against these with Sculptra™. It works through a series of injections, which instantly fill the depressed areas of the face caused by aging skin such as hollowed cheeks and sunken eyes.... read more

  • How can I get over my fear of injections?

    Known uncommonly as ‘trypanophobia’ the fear of injections or needles is pretty common. If you have an extreme fear of needles and injections then you may be best visiting a behavourial therapist, but if you are like the most of us who certainly don’t welcome injections, but it certainly puts you off some treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections then these few tips might help.... read more

  • Can anti-ageing injections Affect Your Emotions

    Everyone knows that anti-ageing injections® is one successful way to fight off permanent smile and frown lines; however, recent studies have shown that it affects a whole lot more.... read more

  • How to Combat Loose Skin Post Pregnancy

    Having a baby can bring so much joy and delight to your life, but what happens when your little one has arrived and you’re still struggling with loose skin after pregnancy? Well, we might just be able to help you out here at sk:n, read below for our top 3 tips.

    ... read more

  • Battle of the Bums

    Sk:n can’t make you sing like Rihanna, or have Rita Ora’s wardrobe but we can make your bum good enough to wear those denim hot pants or that bikini on the beach.... read more

  • Fathers' Day, Famous Fathers That Look Like Brothers

    If you missed Father's Day at the weekend, then you might want to treat your dad to a last minute skin treatment that rolls back the years and leaves him feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Here at sk:n we thought we'd share a couple of our favourite famous fathers that may have had the odd anti-ageing injections® injection to restore their youthful looks.... read more

  • Bonnie Tyler's Eurovision Debut

    Last week we saw this year's Eurovision contest, held in Malmö in Sweden. For some of us the competition represents many European countries coming together in the aid of celebrating the music indicative to their country.... read more

  • Cosmetic Crisis of Cowboy Clinics

    If you've seen today's news then it comes as no surprise that dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures, carried out by untrained and unregulated clinics are putting you at serious risk.... read more

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