• Has Beyonce given in to the laser tattoo removal trend?

    It appears former Destiny's Child group member and now one of the most famous R&B solo artists's, Beyoncé, no longer has a ring on it. She's apparently got rid of her wedding ring finger tattoo with the assistance of laser tattoo removal. As has been widely pointed out in the press, this tattoo represented the date her and rapper husband Jay-Z got married.... read more

  • Johnny Depp impersonator opts for laser tattoo removal

    In a recent episode of Channel 4's "Bodyshockers (My Tattoo Hell)" we see Stuart, a Johnny Depp impersonator opt for a series of laser tattoo removal sessions. It seems the Pirates Of The Caribbean fan, is finally over his Captain Jack Sparrow phase and has at last made the brave move of eradicating any unwanted tattoos associated with his alter ego.... read more

  • sk:n - laser hair removal through the eyes of an existing client

    You may feel sceptical about starting laser hair removal treatment or just unsure on how the procedure actually works.... read more

  • sk:n - what our Medical Director Sean Lanigan has to say about laser hair removal

    One of our ongoing commitments at sk:n is to employ only the most experienced doctors and dedicated staff like medical expert Sean Lanigan.... read more

  • Tip of the day: always shave before your laser hair removal session

    Going for laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair has become extremely common. There is much more to this type of hair removal procedure then just attending your treatment session and letting your skin specialist do everything for you. There are certain precautions you need to take yourself before treatment such as shaving.... read more

  • Real life stories: ex-prisoners start over with laser tattoo-removal

    We all deserve a second chance to make a fresh start from our past. Similarly ex-prisoners from the Jericho Project have wanted to start over with the help of laser tattoo removal sessions.... read more

  • How to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment session

    It may just be the first time you will be going for a laser hair removal session, if this is the case then, make sure you are fully prepared for your appointment. Below is a short clip, where a skin specialist gives a few useful tips on how you can effectively prepare for your treatment session.... read more

  • Laser tattoo removal to the rescue

    Thousands of women have turned to permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, to get the perfect makeup, especially in the summer when we’re by the pool or at the beach all day.... read more

  • No more 'barbed wire tattoo' for Pamela Anderson

    It appears that former 'Baywatch' babe and famous Canadian-American actress, Pamela Anderson has also given into tattoo removal. She was recently spotted without her famous 'barbed wire' tattoo on her left bicep, which was especially inked on her arm for her blockbuster hit 'Barb Wire.'... read more

  • Possible risks and benefits of laser tattoo removal

    There are some who may still love the idea of getting tattoos, and then there are others, who may now feel quite sceptical about them. If your interest for laser tattoo removal has grown overtime, then it would be worth obtaining a better understanding of the risks and benefits that are associated with this procedure.... read more

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