• sk:n - laser hair removal through the eyes of an existing client

    You may feel sceptical about starting laser hair removal treatment or just unsure on how the procedure actually works.... read more

  • sk:n - what our Medical Director Sean Lanigan has to say about laser hair removal

    One of our ongoing commitments at sk:n is to employ only the most experienced doctors and dedicated staff like medical expert Sean Lanigan.... read more

  • Tip of the day: always shave before your laser hair removal session

    Going for laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair has become extremely common. There is much more to this type of hair removal procedure then just attending your treatment session and letting your skin specialist do everything for you. There are certain precautions you need to take yourself before treatment such as shaving.... read more

  • How to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment session

    It may just be the first time you will be going for a laser hair removal session, if this is the case then, make sure you are fully prepared for your appointment. Below is a short clip, where a skin specialist gives a few useful tips on how you can effectively prepare for your treatment session.... read more

  • The secret behind smoother and fine-looking looking legs uncovered

    Having smooth and fine-looking legs out on show may just be on top of most women’s to-dos this summer. The advantage of having a great pair of legs especially this time of year is that you can confidently walk around in shorts, miniskirts and even bikinis without breaking a sweat about excess hair, blackheads or ingrown hairs.... read more

  • Shaving tips for teen girls this summer

    Hair removal on various parts of the body may all be new to teenage girls. It can be an exciting experience the first time you start shaving but the novelty does eventually wear out. Below are a number of shaving tips teen girls could be following this summer.... read more

  • Let's talk bikini hair removal

    Below we have listed a few bikini hair removal procedures you can try out along with the pros and cons for each. These are particularly useful for those who will regularly be wearing a bikini during their vacation.... read more

  • Top tips on how to avoid ingrown hairs this summer

    Both women and men experience ingrown hairs on different parts of the body. These are unattractive and can also be quite painful. There are various ingrown hair removal remedies you can follow to ensure you have smooth looking skin.... read more

  • Laser hair removal: the aftercare

    Are you new to laser hair removal? If so, below are a few hair removal laser treatment after care tips you should know about. You could also visit one of read more

  • Great ways to look after your skin on holiday this summer

    It’s so easy for us to neglect our skin when we’re having a ball on holiday. However, it’s advisable not take any risks when it comes to your skin and the sun, as the damage can be irreparable.... read more

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