• How to treat unsightly sun spots this summer

    Sun spots (also known as age spots) are normally dark in appearance and are often caused by direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight, which carry Ultra Violet (UV) rays. They are quite unsightly and can affect people from all age groups particularly the elderly.... read more

  • All about exfoliators

    Exfoliation is an important part of the skin care routine for both your face and body. It usually follows after the cleansing stage of your skin care regimen. Skin experts have confirmed that exfoliation can help bring a youthful glow to your skin and will slow down the rate it ages.... read more

  • Discover how tomatoes can help protect against sunburn and ageing

    You can turn back the clock and protect yourself from sun damage and ageing with the help of tomatoes, a study has shown.... read more

  • Seasonal skin care tips

    You will be exposed to different seasons throughout the year no matter where you're located. Our skin is naturally affected by the different seasons of the year, with it likely to become drier in the winter months and oilier in the summer months.... read more

  • Feel good skin care tips of all time

    Many people's skin can be quite sensitive and will require a lot of attention towards the maintenance of it, if they want to avoid experiencing common skin problems like acne. Below are a few feel good skin care tips for you to try out if you want to continue having flawless and clear looking skin at all times.... read more

  • sk:n at a closer glance - our achievements

    sk:n have been trusted specialists in all the latest rejuvenation treatments and popular advanced laser treatments like laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal for over 20 years.... read more

  • sk:n at a closer glance - what our clients have to say

    sk:n's reputation for excellence in the skincare and cosmetic industry has grown tremendously over the years. Nothing gives sk:n more pleasure than to help a new client start a journey towards the perfect skin.... read more

  • sk:n at a closer glance - what our nurses have to say

    sk:n clinics have been dominating the cosmetic industry for over 20 years and have helped millions of clients with their skin problems. A recent survey has recently shown that some of the lead nurses at sk:n have been working with them for at least 15 years and have received numerous training sessions, as and when they were required.... read more

  • A graduation skin care guide for men

    Graduation day is probably one of the most memorable days of our younger lives. Some students may enter the ceremony with a care-free attitude, not caring much about their appearance, and then there are others who want to look perfect for all the photos.... read more

  • Father's Day skin care gift ideas

    Most parents will appreciate skin care gifts. They can achieve smoother and radiant looking skin in no time and there are also some fantastic anti-ageing products, which is always a bonus.... read more

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