• Meet the team: Clare McKenna, sk:n Regional Advanced Nurse Prescriber for non-Surgical Treatments.

    ‘Cowboy cosmetics’, ‘trout pouts’, ‘Botox parties’...we’ve been shocked by the stories and are fully aware of the suffering they’ve caused to countless patients. Unfortunately what many people aren’t so familiar with are the millions of men and women who have undergone a cosmetic treatment and are extremely satisfied with the results.... read more

  • Be Sun Safe: The Importance of Sun Protection.

    British Summer Time is upon us and while everyone is eager to savour every last drop of sunshine, this blog explains why smart, safe sunbathing really ought to be your top priority during this mini heat-wave.... read more

  • Top 5 reasons you can trust sk:n with your anti-ageing injectable treatments:

    sk:n, is the UK’s leading skincare expert, with over 40 clinics throughout the UK offering a wide selection of cosmetic procedures including anti-ageing injectables and dermal fillers. As the General Medical Council crack down on rouge practitioners, sk:n we are proud to provide treatments you can trust along with the best possible service from highly trained medical staff.... read more

  • Bridesmaid Prep 101: 6 steps to healthy skin!

    A client of ours was so impressed with her first HydraFacial recently, that she penned the following review to share her experience. Hear all about her treatment below. 

    A few days before I was due to be a bridesmaid at my close friend’s wedding, in typical sod’s law fashion, my pores appeared large and my skin looked uneven and dull. In a bid to find a solution to my first world problem, I embarked upon a race against time to revitalise my lacklustre complexion.
    ... read more

  • sk:n Chester’s star-studded launch event

    sk:n, the UK’s leading skincare expert, has expanded into Chester with a brand new state-of-the-art clinic. sk:n marked the launch of its latest Vicars Lane clinic on Thursday night with an exclusive, invitation-only launch party, filled with VIP’s and celebrity guests, including; Coronation Street’s Samia Ghadie and Alan Halsall, aka Tyrone Dobbs, as well as BBC antique’s expert, Christina Trevanion. ... read more

  • 6 tips for sparkling skin this November

    If your skin is feeling a little dull, fear not it happens to the best of us. Changes in weather, ageing and other lifestyle factors can all have an impact on the way our skin looks and feels. For healthier, brighter skin try these top 6 tips.... read more

  • Restore body confidence with laser hair removal

    Brits of all ages are currently suffering from a lack of body confidence, with the Government stepping in to help #restorebodyconfidence. How can we help boost yours? ... read more

  • Let's talk PCOS awareness

    Despite it being one of the most common hormonal, reproductive and metabolic disorders found in women, many of us haven’t been educated on polycystic ovary syndrome.... read more

  • That time of the month? It's the perfect time to get a treatment.

    Your monthly cycle plays havoc with your skin causing wrinkles and oiliness. Here's how you can treat it and pamper yourself! ... read more

  • Should we get public sunscreen dispensers?

    Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK, and too much sun can increase your risk. Each year, around 2,000 people die from the cancer, including malignant melanoma, which is the most serious type of skin cancer. A park in the US recently installed a public sunscreen dispenser. Here's why sunscreen is essential and why the service should be made available in London. ... read more

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