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Hyperhidrosis: Results Are Fantastic!

7th June 2017  : 

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. It is thought there are as many as one million people in the UK who have the condition, which can have a huge impact on a person’s confidence. 

It might seem like a problem that can’t be solved – but sk:n can help. Using BOTOX® injections, our skilled practitioners can target the nerves that send messages to the sweat glands, thus preventing them from producing sweat. The treatment is relatively simple and takes less than an hour to administer.

Here's Hannah's story, who suffered from hyperhidrosis for a number of years, and recently decided to contact the experts at sk:n to see if they could offer a solution.
I worked as a spa director for a number of years and needed to wear a suit and be well presented at all times. The excessive sweating meant I had to really think about what colours I wore and how fitted my top was, making it a regular source of anxiety for me. I’d tried a number of strong antiperspirants recommended by my GP and had purchased some in America where they are more easily available over the counter. None of the products I tried made a significant improvement to the problem, and they often stained my clothes. 

I had been considering the treatment for a long time – four years! – when I came across sk:n on the internet. I didn’t really have any great expectations; I wasn’t sure the treatment was going to work at all, but thought it was worth a try. I just hoped it would reduce the perspiration a little.

At the initial consultation, the nurse asked me why I wanted to have the treatment and what my expectations were. She explained the whole procedure and what I could expect after the treatment, advising me that I may be able to feel the needle on some sensitive areas.

The treatment is so quick; it was all over in roughly 15 minutes for me. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but there were some spots on the underarm which felt slightly tender afterwards. You feel a little sore for a couple of days, as if you are bruised, and lifting your arms feels difficult in the way it would if you had done a heavy arm workout in the gym. 

It took a couple of weeks for the treatment to really take effect – but the results have been fantastic! I will certainly have it done again. 

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