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Male Laser Hair Removal

2nd February 2017  : 

Towards the end of 2016 we ran a Facebook competition where we asked ladies to nominate a man for laser hair removal, we were looking for men who were really fed up of shaving or waxing their excess hair and Dilpreet was one of our entrants.

Dilpreet was put forward by his wife Ranvir who nominated him as he is “completely hairy everywhere!”. Ranvir herself has successfully had Laser Hair Removal at sk:n in the past, achieving great results, and so she was keen for her husband to also benefit!

We caught up with Dilpreet at the beginning of his Laser Hair Removal journey and talked to him about his concerns, expectations and also find out how his first session went...  
Q. Your wife Ranvir nominated you for treatment but what were your main concerns about your excess hair? 
A. I was very hairy as you can see in my pictures and this really affected my confidence. My arms and back hair bothered me the most, in particular if I wore short sleeve shirts and also t-shirts as the hair on my back was visible. 

Q. Had you tried any other treatments before Laser Hair Removal? 
A. I tried waxing, which as you can imagine was painful and the hair would slowly creep back after a few weeks. I also tried shaving however my wife hated the prickly after effect and it was very time consuming!

Q. How did you feel leading up to your first treatment?
A. I felt excited and nervous at the same time - excited as it was going to mean I would be hair free and nervous as I had never had a treatment like this before.
Q. Could you describe what happens during treatment?
A. The appointment was very informative and I was told what was going to happen before the session started, the areas for treatment were marked up and I was told to put my protective glasses on.  I was relaxed as I was really looking forward to seeing what the results would be like.

Q.  Did you find the treatment painful? 
A. No, I wouldn't say it was painful - it was more of a tug to each hair follicle and I managed to complete the treatment with no problems, however it was a little cold!

Q. Would you recommend sk:n to others?
A. Yes I would definitely recommend sk:n, the service was great and I can see a difference already after just one treatment.

Q. What would you say to other men who might be considering Laser Hair Removal? 
A. I would recommend having a consultation and asking all the questions you need to. Laser Hair Removal treatment was something I had been considering for two years and now I wish I had begun it sooner!

Why not take Dilpreet's advice and book in for a Laser Hair Removal consultation at your local clinic? We are very discreet and are used to treating men as well as women. Plus, during February we're offering up to 40% off Laser Hair Removal.

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