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The Power of Peels

11th April 2017  : 

Danika, aged 24 is part of the team in our Guilford clinic and after achieving such good results from her acne treatment plan, she wanted to share her experience with both clients and colleagues. She had tried a number of different products and treatments before, including inner peels, but had experienced limited results and was looking for a more effective solution.

After assessing Danika’s skin and discussing her concerns, our team of experts recommended a course of five DermaQuest Salicylic Acid Resurfacer treatments. The antibacterial benefits of the salicylic acid in this treatment work to reduce inflammation associated with acne, whilst decongesting follicles to help prevent future breakouts. 

Danika was also required to use four specialist skincare products for three* weeks prior to her treatment, in order to prepare her skin and achieve the best results. 

Preparation products:
•    Essential Daily Cleanser 
•    Essential B5 Hydrating Serum 
•    Essential Moisturiser 
•    SheerZinc SPF30 

Through using just these four homecare products every day, she began to notice an improvement in the texture of her skin.

Post- treatment care;

Danika uses a selection of products every day to maintain her treatment results:
•    DermaQuest Universal Cleansing Oil 
•    DermaQuest B5 Moisture Matte 
•    Heliocare SPF Dry Touch.

In addition, to support her daily skincare regime once a week she uses DermaClear Cleansing Pads for a deep cleanse and the Dermaclear mask to absorb excess oil and prevent future breakouts. 
We caught up with Danika to find out how her treatment went and if she achieved the results she had been hoping for with sk:n: 

Q. What were you most unhappy with in terms of lines and wrinkles, skin condition, acne etc., before your treatment? 
A. I was most unhappy with my acne and the scars it left behind.

Q. How long had you been considering treatment and what other treatments did you try before peels? 
A. For me, my skin has always been unpredictable in terms of my acne coming, but I had been battling to get it under control for the majority of my teens and into adult hood. I have tried inner peels in the past, however I saw the best results after the five DermaQuest resurfacer treatments.

Q. How did you find the recommended preparation products?
A. I found them extremely good. I used the DermaQuest range and my skin texture changed before I even started treatment, as I prepped my skin for three weeks. 

Q. What were your expectations for the treatments? 
A. I just wanted to feel happier in myself and to not feel so conscious. I didn’t expect the acne to go completely, but I hoped it would reduce significantly.

Q. Could you describe what happens during treatment? 
A. I was firstly asked to sign a consent form to make sure I was medically fit and well to be treated with the proposed treatment. Next my face was cleansed and treatment was applied. Then the practitioner applied the aftercare products to finish the treatment. 

Q. How did your skin feel after treatment? 
A. It felt slightly warm, however my skin felt like it had been treated and it felt slightly tighter. 

Q. How satisfied are you with the results from your treatment plan and your experience at sk:n?
A. I’m so happy; my experience throughout treatment and the advice I was given from my practitioner at sk:n was amazing. I do occasionally still get the odd breakout, but compared to what it was, I can’t complain! The ‘before’ picture is the worst my skin has ever been and totally affected my confidence to the point my husband didn't see me without makeup for a long time. Now I feel so much more confident and happy to go without makeup. 

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