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The Truth About Laser Hair Removal by Nagina, 36

6th March 2018

Hair removal is something I’ve struggled with most of my life. Being Asian, I’ve always had very dark, coarse, thick body hair, which as you can imagine, is pretty tough to manage. At school, I hated it and since then it’s been a bit of an ongoing battle.

Why did I try laser hair removal?

Shaving is no good for me – my skin reacts badly and I’m left with a rash that’s worse than the hair. So, I had to wax. This, of course, means letting your hair grow long enough so that it can be waxed – which means for a couple of weeks you might have nice smooth skin, but for the rest of the month you’re hairy again. In other words, it doesn’t really solve the problem – especially if the hair is somewhere you can’t easily cover up.

Questions I had about laser hair removal

I did my research, and laser hair removal seemed like the best solution for me. You’re probably reading this because you are trying to decide whether laser is the best option for you, too. I’m hoping this blog will help answer some of the questions you have, so you can make an informed decision.

Here’s some of the questions I had before choosing laser:

Is laser hair removal safe for Asian skin?

The answer to this is simple: yes. Like me, you may have heard from family and friends that laser hair removal causes pigmentation and that Asian and darker skin tones should approach with caution. At sk:n, their lasers can treat any skin colour or tone, from very fair, to very dark – safely.

Can you have laser hair removal on your face?

Yes. In fact, I had it on my face first, and I’m now in the middle of a course of treatments for my legs. The lasers are so precise they actually only target the hair follicle itself. What does this mean? It means the skin around the hair is not affected, so you can have the treatment pretty much anywhere – your face, bikini line, hands, arms – whatever takes your fancy.

Does laser hair removal last?

Yes. The results can actually mean permanent reduction, if you heed the advice of your practitioner and go along to every treatment when you’re supposed to. And you could be left with up to 90% less hair. 

Does it really save you any time?

I’ve got two children aged four and 10, so I just don’t have the time to keep worrying about pulling out stray hairs or booking in for a wax. Anyone who has kids will tell you the same – hair removal maintenance is just not top priority! But that doesn’t change how self-conscious you feel about it, so having a long-term solution is such a weight off your mind. Yes, you have to make time to go along to the appointments, but once you’ve finished the course, that’s it.


Would you have laser hair removal again?

The fact I’ve already had it on my face, and am now having it on my legs, answers this question. But I won’t stop there. Ideally, I’d like to have full-body laser hair removal done if I can, and I’ll be booking in to get my bikini line done next.

Was it embarrassing/scary?

As anyone who’s ever had a bikini wax or their face threaded knows, hair removal is sometimes embarrassing. Having a good practitioner can put you at ease, makes all the difference. Because sk:n is led by doctors and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, there is a real professional feel about the place. This meant I felt safe, respected and reassured at all times.

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