What you need to know about facial thread veins and how to treat them?

18th July 2018

In our latest Inspiring Confidence blog, we address your frequently asked questions about facial thread vein removal and take a look at a recent sk:n success story involving this treatment - so you can see the results for yourself.

What are facial thread veins?

Sometimes known as spider veins, facial thread veins are small veins that are visible through the surface of the skin. They are usually completely harmless, but many people choose to have them removed because they can be unsightly.

Can they be treated?

Yes. Facial thread veins can be removed effectively using a special type of laser called a pulsed dye laser, as Kirstin Taylor, Lead Nurse at sk:n’s Middlesbrough clinic, explains: “We treat a variety of conditions, from rosacea to port wine stains with the pulsed dye laser. The veins we treat can vary in severity from spider naevi, to deep vessels, and we can treat any size. The main thing we ask of clients is that they have no active sun tan at the time of treatment, and must avoid tanning until after the course is complete.”

How does the treatment work?

“The targeted energy of the laser disrupts the flow of blood to the vein, causing it to break down naturally and be taken away by your body,” says Kirstin. And it’s not nearly as scary or painful as it sounds. “Treatment can be likened to an elastic band twanging against your skin. It can sting, but is very manageable.”

How many treatments will I need?

The laser used for facial thread vein removal is powerful and efficient, offering quick, visible results. “We would always suggest a minimum of three treatments, although fine vessels or spider naevi may not require that many,” says Kirstin.  

Is there any downtime?

The time it will take for your skin to recover is determined by which type of treatment is needed. “Depending on the thickness of the vessels, we can perform either a non-bruising or a bruising treatment. Non-bruising will result in some redness and mild swelling, whereas the after-effects of a bruising treatment can last for up to two weeks. Any mild discomfort can be relieved by the use of a soothing aloe vera gel applied to the affected area."

Mike’s story:

Mike Hodgson had been suffering with facial thread veins for more than 10 years before he sought advice from the laser experts at sk:n. “I’d heard and seen various articles online and in magazines about vein removal, but I didn’t know anyone who’d actually had the treatment,” he says. “I found that sk:n had a clinic very close by and decided it was time to bite the bullet and get them removed, because they were getting very noticeable. I was shocked at seeing the before photos.”

Mike began to see results from the very first session of laser treatment and is very pleased with the final outcome. “The major thread veins have gone completely and, consequently, my skin looks much clearer,” he says.

Mike’s case was particularly severe, explains Kirstin, who treated Mike at sk:n’s Middlesbrough clinic. “These ones were particularly large vessels - not the usual ones we see - and I was really pleased with the outcome we got with just three treatments. There are some finer vessels left which could also be treated with the laser, however Mike was happy that the larger ones had gone.”

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