Top tips for festival-ready skin

24th July 2018

Top tips for festival-ready skin

Festival season is finally here - and with plenty of sunshine to go with it for once! But standing in the sun all day long and overindulging can leave your skin looking a little worse for wear. So, we’ve put together the perfect festival prep programme to ensure you have beautiful selfie-worthy skin, all season.

Detox, exfoliate and rejuvenate with a HydraFacial

This amazing patented treatment offers results after just one session and is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive and acne-prone skin. It will extract impurities from deep within pores, remove dead skin cells and deliver skin-loving brightening agents to boost hydration, refresh dull skin and protect against environmental factors. If you feel like your skin gets clogged up with oil, sunscreen and makeup when you’re at a festival, this is also the perfect post-party pick me up.

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Strip it back to its best with a skin peel

Did you know that hiding under all those layers of dead skin, sun damage and debris is a beautiful, glowing complexion? All you need to reveal it is to invest in a professional skin peel. Designed to dissolve dull skin and clear out pores in the process, sk:n’s Mandelic and Glycolic skin peels will leave you feeling like you’ve got a brand-new complexion. What’s more, they also help stimulate new cell growth and collagen production for a firmer, more-youthful texture - providing the perfect smooth base for all your festival makeup looks. If you’ve got a suntan, some skin peels aren’t suitable - but sk:n’s Mandelic peel is. Ask a sk:n practitioner at your local clinic for more information.

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Sculpt and contour your look - no makeup necessary

Want to enhance the natural contours of your face without piling on layers of makeup? Lip fillers, dermal fillers and anti-ageing injectables can allow you to create the look you want - with a result that lasts. So instead of spending hours in front of the mirror with your contouring kit and lip liner (only to sweat it all off) book a free consultation with a sk:n practitioner to find out how we can help you enhance your overall look with these quick and effective treatments.

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Pack smart: your festival survival skincare kit:

Give your skin a bit of TLC on the go by packing these skincare essentials in your festival backpack.

1. sk:n Extra Gentle Pre and Post Procedure Cleanser
This clever product works like a micellar water cleanser. There’s no need for water, just sweep across your skin with a cotton wool pad - and see how much gunk it removes!

2. sk:n Aloe Vera Gel
This lightweight gel with natural aloe vera cools and soothes the skin - perfect for smoothing over sunburn, insect bites and prickly heat rash.

3. sk:n Sunscreen SPF30
Sunscreens can be sticky and heavy and just no fun to wear. But this premium product sinks into the skin for a fresh, hydrated feel.

4. sk:n Calming Lotion
Another great aftersun product, this leaves skin feeling soft, comfortable and hydrated all day long. The perfect antidote to sun-parched skin.

5. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm
Being outside and exposed to the elements can leave you with dry, crusty, uncomfortable lips. Keep yours in tip-top condition with this luxurious lip balm from Avene.

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