Love Island beauty secrets revealed

12th July 2018

Everybody is talking about how amazing the Love Islanders look this year and what treatments they may have had. If you’ve been staring at their perfectly smooth skin and wondering if you could ever look that flawless on holiday, we’ve got good news: you can - and here’s how.

Laser hair removal

The downside to being in your bikini almost all day, every day, is body hair maintenance. But if you’re smart, you’ll invest in a course of full-body laser hair removal before you go (à la Rosie) so that you never have to worry about those embarrassing prickly legs or fuzzy underarms. Phew!

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Lip fillers

Love Island has really brought lip fillers into the beauty mainstream and Instagram is full of posts about the amazing results you can achieve with this treatment. But approach with caution: always choose a reputable supplier who is regulated by a recognised industry body (like the CQC) to deliver your lip filler treatments. That way you’ll know you’re in safe hands, and all you’ll need to worry about is how great you’re going to look after treatment.

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Heavy makeup and sun exposure can take its toll on your skin, clogging pores and depleting your natural collagen and elastin levels. That’s why, before any beach holiday, you should book yourself in for a full facial treatment. HydraFacial (a favourite of Ellie’s) is particularly effective because it can be tailored to your specific skin concerns. Whether it’s dull skin, acne, pigmentation or dryness that’s irking you, HydraFacial has it covered.

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A Premium Sunscreen

It’s a beauty faux pas as old as time, but even so, many people (we’re looking at you, Alex) still don’t seem to understand the importance of a good sunscreen, and instead favour the short-term beauty boost of a natural tan over healthy skin. Yes, sunscreens can be oily, sticky and uncomfortable to wear. But if you choose a good quality one, like sk:n’s, it will nourish and hydrate you, without blocking pores - and still provide that much-needed protection.

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