"I'm much happier now my tattoo has gone!"

Jenny (left, on her wedding day) is a client at our Nottingham Mapperley Park clinic, with her wedding fast approaching she was keen to get the tattoo on her shoulder removed before the big day so she came to sk:n to see how we could help.

We spoke to Jenny about her tattoo removal journey.

sk:n - When did you have your tattoo done and what made you choose the design? 
Jenny - I had my first tattoo done when I was just a teenager and since went on to have two more. At the time the designs were popular and I thought they looked great, at no point did I ever imagine I would ‘grow out of liking’ them.

sk:n - How long were you considering having removal treatment? And why did you want you tattoo removed? 
Jenny - I had considered having the devil tattoo on my shoulder removed for years. It wasn’t until I was planning my wedding however that I thought that this has got to go! I hated seeing the tattoo in photographs so there was no way I would want to see them in my wedding photos.

sk:n - Did you try any other removal treatments prior to laser? 
Jenny - I tried tattoo cover up make up but it was no good.

sk:n - What made you choose sk:n for treatment? 
Jenny - I had received other treatments at the clinic previously and knew that I would be in safe hands as I trusted them. 

sk:n - What were your expectations? 
Jenny - I expected the treatment to hurt a little as I have a very low pain threshold. From my previous experience I also expected a good, high quality, professional service in a clean safe environment.

sk:n - Was there anything that concerned you about having treatment? 
Jenny - My only concern was if I’d left enough time for the treatment before the wedding.

sk:n - Could you describe what happens during your consultation and treatment? Was treatment painful? 
Jenny - During my first consultation the practitioner looked at my tattoos and talked to me about the treatment, explained how the lasers worked and what to expect. She asked me about my fears and concerns and talked through all my questions. At the start of each session we ran through the health and safety protocol questions to make sure it was safe for me to have the treatment that day. I was always given a pair of goggles to wear and then we would begin treatment. My practitioner always took it at a pace I was comfortable with and checked throughout that I was feeling okay.

sk:n - Do you receive a good service at sk:n? Would you recommend sk:n to others?
Jenny - Definitely! I have already recommended sk:n to a number of friends and family members. I have also already paid for my partner to have some treatments too.

sk:n - How has having your tattoo removed changed your life? 
Jenny - I’m much happier now that my tattoo is gone. I am not embarrassed to wear strappy tops as I was before and I no longer feel the need to keep my shoulders covered. I have now begun treatment to have my remaining tattoos removed and can’t wait to complete the final phase of my removal plan.



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