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Elisha says goodbye to acne scarring

6th December 2016  : 


Elisha, a client at sk:n in Southampton, came to see us when the scarring on her face due to previous acne breakouts, was getting her down. We spoke to Elisha about her journey to better skin...

 Q. What was your main objective when deciding to have microneedling?
A. Having suffered with acne for a while, I was relieved when the flare ups stopped. However, because of the acne my skin was full of scarring, it looked uneven and felt rough to touch. I wanted to improve the overall texture of my skin.

Q. How did the treatment work?
A. I chose to pay extra to be treated by a doctor as they are able to penetrate the skin more deeply with the needles, which gave me the opportunity to see the best results.

Half an hour before the treatment a thick layer of anaesthetic cream was applied to my face to help make the treatment more comfortable.

The doctor then used the DermaEDS, which is a handheld device/ pen of needles and began inserting it into my face, focusing on one small area at a time until my whole face had been treated. Because of the numbing cream the procedure is painless, however, at times it did feel mildly uncomfortable but completely manageable.

Q. What happened after the treatment?
A. Directly afterwards, my face was very red as you do bleed during this treatment. It felt tight and it was sore. The next morning, I was extremely red and looked almost unrecognisable in the mirror. Panic started to set in a little bit, but luckily I did not have work and had a quiet weekend planed. I made sure I applied sk:n’s CU3 Intensive Moisture Cream and by Monday morning any redness had subsided and went to work as normal.

Q. How many treatments before you noticed a difference?
A. Once my skin had calmed down, I noticed a difference after the first treatment. The scars and pitting on my face had already faded. The best result was after 3 treatments – all of my scars had either faded dramatically or completely disappeared. My skin felt softer to touch and looked more even.

Q. How did the results of your treatment make you feel?
A. I am over the moon with my results. I feel so much more confident in my skin and I often leave the house now without makeup- something which I never would have considered before.

Q. Would you recommend this treatment to others?
A. The work of Dr Hosur and the nurses and practitioners at sk:n in Southampton has really made a difference to not only the appearance of my skin, but also to how I feel. I would 100% recommend the treatment to anyone who is feeling unhappy or unconfident due to scarring on their skin.

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