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Bridesmaid Prep 101: 6 steps to healthy skin!

18th July 2016  : 

A client of ours was so impressed with her first HydraFacial recently, that she penned the following review to share her experience. Hear all about her treatment below. 

A few days before I was due to be a bridesmaid at my close friend’s wedding, in typical sod’s law fashion, my pores appeared large and skin looked uneven and dull. In a bid to find a solution to my first world problem, I embarked upon a race against time to revitalise my lacklustre complexion.

Now, I am no stranger to facials: I invest in one monthly when my budget allows. On this occasion however, my usual go-to facial at my local beauty salon was simply not going to cut it. Skin peels were also out of the question; they often incur a considerable about of downtime before results are noticed and I did not have time for this level of delayed gratification! I needed something that was gentle enough not to cause excess redness, yet effective enough to reduce the appearance of my pores and brighten my dull skin… A tall ask, I know.

After speaking to a friend, she recommended the HydraFacial. I began scouring the internet for more information and the more I read about this treatment, the more excited I got: were my skin issues about to be solved? HydraFacials ambassador, the straight-talking, no-nonsense business women, Karren Brady says, ‘It’s very rare you see a great result from just one treatment, but the difference after one HydraFacial is incredible!’ 

After a quick search to find my nearest clinic that offered the HydraFacial, I was delighted to be directed to sk:n Clinics website. Living and working in London, sk:n is a brand I am familiar with as there are plenty dotted around the city. I was pleasantly surprised to see they offer rejuvenation treatments, along with the more medically led dermatology treatments that they are perhaps better known for.

Fast forward to the treatment, which I had in my lunch break, the day before my friend’s wedding at sk:n on Proctor Street in Holborn. My practitioner Simone talked me through every step of The HydraFacial: Skin Health for Life and its benefits:

Step 1:  The detox - Simone used a test-tube looking contraption and glided it strategically across my skin- helping to stimulate my lymphatic system, which increases circulation and eliminates toxins. 

Step 2: Cleanse and exfoliation, this was one of my favourite parts of the facial. Simone used a different hand piece, which felt slightly abrasive – but not uncomfortable. This helped to prep the skin for the following stages by removing dead skin cells and left my skin feeling deeply cleansed.

Step 3: Simone applied a gentle glycolic and salicylic solution, which felt slightly tingly. It was left on for a couple of minutes and this helps with pore congestion and brightens the overall appearance of the skin.

Step 4: The extraction stage. Using a salicylic acid and honey extract solution, impurities and blackheads were extracted from congested areas of my skin. Top tip: when they are decongesting your nose, breath out of your mouth!

Step 5: The glorious Hydration stage! My face was drenched in a combination of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides, which made my skin feel plump and fully hydrated. This facial has well and truly earned its name!

Step 6: LED lights were placed on my face. These are used to help stimulate collagen, reduced redness and left my skin feeling glowing.  

The treatment was not only relaxing, but it also had a lot of depth to it – and the results did not disappoint. My skin felt lighter, my pores tighter and my complexion brighter! My face felt buffed, polished and so soft and subtle.

In short, this facial really did deliver results from the first treatment and the best part… there was absolutely no down time. The following morning, I was up bright and early to begin bridesmaid duties. My skin had retained its glow overnight and when it was time for me to have my makeup done, the makeup artist commented on how lovely my complexion was. Although I did have the help of a professional, my makeup remained flawless for rest of the long day ahead.

I couldn’t recommend HydraFacial enough, hence why I felt compelled to share this rather lengthy review for other sk:n clients. I have already booked in for my second treatment and I am excited to see the long-term benefits of the HydraFacial as an alternative to more invasive rejuvenation treatments. 

A before and after to show how the HydraFacial can help to reduce the appearance of large pores. 

To experience the HydraFacial for yourself call 0800 822 3300 and speak to one of our friendly sk:n advisors. 

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