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We Tell You Which Are Our Favourite Products & Why

9th December 2016  : 

As sk:n experts and skin care advocates, we know how to take care of our skin so we asked staff in our clinics and at the sk:n Head Office to tell us which products they love and why. Just click on the name of the product to find out more!

"I love the sk:n Pore Refiner and use it at night once or twice a week, or if my skin feels congested. It minimises the appearance of my pores and brightens up my complexion."
Elle, Marketing

"I love the sk:n acne hydrator because it leaves my skin leaving nice and moisturised throughout the day. It’s lightweight and makes my skin feel clean."
Bronwen, Practitioner, Southampton

"The sk:n Vitamin Rich Cleanser is a great everyday cleanser. It effectively removes my make-up and leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. I really like the fact that my skin feels soft after use and not tight like with other cleansers I’ve used."
Lizy, Marketing

"I really like the sk:n Extra Gentle Pre and Post Cleanser. I use it after washing to take any extra dirt away from my skin. It makes me feel fresh and it’s also a fab eye make remover!"
Faye, Clinic Manager, Southampton

"I use the Heliocare Gel Oil Free SPF daily. It feels so light on my skin, not like other SPFs. I wouldn’t be without it!"
Louise, Medical Standards

"In the summer and when I'm on holiday I use Heliocare Suntouch Hydrogel instead of foundation because it’s tinted. It contains SPF and anti-ageing benefits. I love it!"
Zoe, Digital Marketing

"My go to product is Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum. It sinks into my skin, giving it a hydrating boost. When I put my foundation on afterwards, my skin looks brighter."
Hannah, Head of Retail

"I use the sk:n anti-ageing moisturiser for youthful skin twice a day. I love it! It doesn’t clog my pores and feels light on my skin. I wouldn’t go back to high street products after using this."
Katie, Digital Marketing

"I’ve tried most high street hand creams which are often heavy and greasy. The sk:n hand cream moisturises my skin and I can still feel it working hours later."
Paul, Digital Marketing

"My favourite product is the sk:n Treatment Cream for Mature/Sun Damaged Skin. It’s light and absorbent, which makes applying makeup afterwards much easier than with other moisturisers. It’s a must have!"
Sue, HR

"I love Lycogel Foundation. Whenever I use any other make up I start to break out, but Lycogel never clogs my pores due to its mineral matrix design."
Ruth, Lead Nurse & Trainer

We hope you love these products as much as we do!

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