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Great Results With Laser Hair Removal

10th August 2016  : 

Having suffered with dark hair on her chin for years, Ali decided to book herself in at sk:n for Laser Hair Removal to ensure she was feeling and looking her best on her wedding day.

Here she describes what she thought of the treatment and the great results we achieved for her.

“I have suffered with hair on my lower chin and neck for around six years and it seem to get even worse after I had my two children.  I had two darker patches under my chin which were the main problem areas. The hair felt quite coarse, and even though I am quite fair, the hair was dark.  I had previously tried electrolysis, which my mom had recommended to me, however I found the process quite uncomfortable and the hair grew back.

I heard about laser hair removal from a friend, she recommended sk:n and told me they specialise in removing hair from the face. My partner proposed to me last year, so I was keen to get ready for my wedding day, and wanted to remove the majority of the hair before then.  I have always been conscious of the hair, especially in the summer in certain bright lights the hair seemed to show even more. I used to hide behind my hair, and always preferred to wear my hair down. I am a Home Economics teacher, so have no choice but to wear my hair up so the hair always made me quite conscious at work.

On my first visit to sk:n I had a consultation with one of the practitioners.  She was really informative and professional and explained how the hair grows in cycles, the safe lasers they would be using, and also how they would tailor my treatment plan around my honeymoon. I had a patch test during my consultation and was advised to come back in two weeks for my first treatment. I didn’t feel pressured at all into buying a course, but the practitioner explained I would probably need a course of six treatments. It was also on offer at the time, which meant I saved 30% which was great.

After my first treatment, a lot of the hair actually dropped out. I would say I saw at least a 40-50% reduction.  Four weeks later I had my second treatment, and I would say after this the hair was reduced by around 60%. My third treatment was then four weeks after that, and at this point I had seen a dramatic reduction. Some of the hair had grown back, however it was finer, softer and grew at a much slower rate.

I have only had three treatments so far, and I have been so happy with the results.   Since starting my treatment I feel so much more confident at work. I had my wedding day last week, and it was a really sunny day. I didn’t have to hide behind my hair and felt so much more confident. I can’t wait to see the final results!”

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