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Why women don't actually want to look younger

14th May 2015

If the media are to be believed, women are only supposedly truly beautiful when they look young. This understandably causes us to have a potentially unrealistic expectation of how we want to look. Not only does it cause a number of issues with confidence, but it also suggests that it is actually possible to stop or reverse the clock. But do women actually have their hearts set on looking younger?

According to a study by Botox makers, Allergan, this just isn't the case. Here's why... The study involved a panel of 2,000 women who were given 3 images of themselves to look at. One image was natural with no touch-ups, the second was a 'gently softened' image where the woman kept most of her wrinkles but they'd been softened, and the last image had ALL of her wrinkles removed. 63% felt that the 'gently softened' image was the most appealing of the images, while the image with no wrinkles looked unnatural. In actual fact, a whopping 41% of participants even asked if the fully retouched images were even real!

These findings are certainly a breath of fresh air. The quest for eternal youth is no longer what we're searching for, but instead, a much more natural look where we're allowed to age gracefully with the wrinkles and lines we acquire as we get steadily older. This perhaps explains why non-surgical procedures are often thought of more positively than surgical ones; instead of interfering with nature, they merely slow it down to create a far more natural and healthy look ok

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