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Tips for your skin while you're revising

21st May 2015

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As if revision time isn't hard enough, exam time can also herald problems with your skin. Students revising for exams often do all the worst things possible when it comes to skincare, including drinking too much caffeine and not enough water, eating badly, sleeping badly and being stressed. We're going to offer some tips for how to stay healthy when revising, which should hopefully be reflected in the health of your skin.

Try to relax

Stress really doesn't do your skin any favours and anxiety is one of the main triggers of skin problems. Try to keep your stress under control whilst revising - sadly this is easier said than done! A major part of the revision process is learning to cope with the stress of it all, so don't neglect working on your stress relief whilst taking your notes. Exercise is a fantastic method of relieving stress and it will also promote blood flow to your skin. Try a twenty-minute jog at the end of your day's revision - it should also help you sleep better.

Value sleep

A good night's sleep is important to skin health and appearance. Try to get in the habit of having good sleep hygiene. Avoid working in your bedroom, using electronic devices for an hour before bed, have a wind down period before you go to bed and try and have periods of activity during the day so you are physically as well as mentally tired.

Eat properly

Although it's tempting to survive on biscuits, try to eat some fruit and veg and take breaks for meals. Not only will it help prevent break outs, but the minerals and vitamins will help keep your mind sharp and energised. Blueberries, salmon, melon, and nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, are all good for your skin.

Limit your caffeine intake

Caffeine isn't necessarily terrible for you, but watch your intake. Avoid caffeine after about 3pm as this will help you sleep and drink plenty of water.

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