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Is nappy rash cream your skincare solution?

18th May 2015

When you're cursed with bad skin, there are endless amounts of fads and creams you may find yourself resorting to to help tackle the problem. Nappy rash cream is just one of those weird and wonderful things acne-sufferers often try out to help combat those annoying blemishes.

Source: sudocrem.co.uk

Nappy rash cream - as its name suggests - is designed to tackle the redness, lumps and bumps, and irritation that babies can endure when they wear nappies. So it makes sense that so many people swear by it for their own skin trouble too. You may get a few odd looks when you mention it's your secret weapon, but you can feel smug in the knowledge that you know what you're talking about. That's because nappy rash cream is actually an antiseptic healing cream - so why wouldn't it help battle that acne?

Plus, when you take a look at nappy rash cream packaging you'll see it specifically says it can be used on other skin conditions such as eczema, surface wounds, and acne. It’s often used on fresh tattoos as well due to its intense hydrating properties. Then take a minute more to check out the ingredients and you'll notice common ingredients that are found in spot creams: things like zinc oxide, benzyl alcohol, and citric acid. So once you've delved a little deeper, it's little wonder that so many people swear by it.

Apply a thin layer and make sure to leave well alone - that means no picking! This can be a life saver for people who aren’t ready to invest in more long-term acne treatment and use as a short term solution. Unfortunately if you suffer from severe acne, this will be unlikely to do much to clear it up, and you may find yourself spending a small fortune in constantly replenishing your stock. 

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