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Men's attitudes to beauty and skincare

29th May 2015

Over the past few years, the male personal care market has taken off. In 2013, men’s beauty and skincare products were worth $3.9 billion – a massive 15% increase since 2008.

It is clear that men’s attitudes are changing – and things are set to keep on changing!

According to a new report by Affinova, this skincare revolution is particularly apparent among younger men, with 58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% of men aged 25-34 admitting that they use at least one facial skincare product every day.

But the report identified some interesting trends that tell us a lot about men’s changing attitudes towards personal care products.


1. British men don’t care about ‘anti-ageing’ products (but Americans do!)

UK-based men tend to prefer functional facial products which help protect skin from sun damage, but they do not respond well to products which claim to turn back the clock. US-based men, on the other hand, are much more likely to choose an anti-ageing product or a face cream which prevents wrinkles from appearing.

2. It’s all about being healthy

Men are not convinced that using personal care products makes them sexier, but they are more easily sold on the health benefits of daily skincare.

3. Multi-functional is best

Men don’t have the patience for a three-step skincare regime – they prefer to buy products which can do everything at once, quickly and effectively. For instance, men love a shaving cream that’s also a face wash or a moisturiser which includes sun protection.

4. They like to know what they are buying

Men are less likely to buy skincare products which feature new and exotic ingredients such as green tea or ginger. They like to understand exactly what ingredients are in their products, and they prefer well-known vitamins and antioxidants.

5. They have to be “for Men”

Overwhelmingly, the report found that men are drawn towards products with the word “men” in the title – they want to be sure that they are buying something masculine, especially when it comes to personal care.

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