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Jazz Jennings: Skincare Ambassador

19th May 2015

Source: stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

The announcement that 14 year old Jazz Jennings has become Johnson and Johnson's new Clean & Clear skin care ambassador has been received with delight by the transgender community. It’s a fantastic career opportunity for a girl who has done a great deal to raise awareness and help others, and it’s great to have mainstream recognition that trans girls are beautiful, especially given the serious skin care issues that many trans people struggle with.

For Trans women taking hormones for the first time, especially in later life, the experience of skin becoming softer and looking younger can be wonderful, but different skin requires different kinds of care. If you haven’t grown up among girls learning skincare routines together, and if your mother never taught you the difference between serum and moisturiser, it’s a steep learning curve. Then there’s the problem of facial hair.

With any luck, this is a problem Jazz will never have to face – if she gets puberty blockers before adolescent testosterone levels kick in, she’ll be spared the stress of facial or unwanted body hair. For those who are not so lucky, laser hair removal is the best way to provide a permanent solution without damaging the skin. If electrolysis is chosen, it will gradually remove that unwanted hair over time but deep moisturisation and skin nourishment treatments are needed to help skin recover.

For Trans men, dealing with the impact of testosterone on skin for the first time can be a shock. Whilst facial hair may be welcome, spots really aren’t, and it’s frustrating to have to deal with problems like this just when you’re starting to feel positive about your body. Learning how to shave without damaging your skin, how to use astringents to draw out excess oil and how to adjust your daily skincare regime can help you make the most of the look you’ve always wanted.

Although these individuals will likely have a number of doctors to support and aid them through their transformation, it’s wise to find an experienced dermatologist to provide skincare advice and treatment.


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