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Is your pillow giving you acne?

13rd May 2015

Hormones, stress, poor skincare routines; there can be many underlying causes as to why we suffer from acne but did you know that your pillow could be one of them? It may sound odd, but think about it... Your face is pressed up against it for (hopefully) around eight hours a night. That's a lot of time to spend in such close contact with anything, so it makes total sense that your trusty pillow could in fact be the source of the problem. Have you noticed you've got worse acne on one side of your face than the other? If that's the side you tend to sleep on, then it's time to make the connection.

If you don't wash your pillowcase often and/or thoroughly, then all the dirt, grime, and old skin can imbed itself into the fabric of your pillow. If your also one of those naught people who don't wash their face before bedtime and remove makeup then it could be making things even worse.  

You've got to think about your hair too as this lies up against the pillow along with your face. If you use a lot of hair wax or other styling products, these hair products will transfer to your pillow while you sleep. Cue your skin coming into contact with greasy styling products that could clog your pores and gunk up your face - all without you realising.

The solution is simple. Wash your pillow and pillowcase often and properly. It’s also worth making sure you sleep on a pillow that's made from natural fibres. Undyed natural fibres are even better as they won't have come into contact with any harsh chemicals during the dying process (great news for sensitive skin).

Some other tips that could help are removing your make up every night without fail, tying your hair back while you sleep (or wash before bed if possible), and change your bedding regularly. If you try all these and your acne isn’t any better, then it’s time to talk to a dermatologist as it’s probably a different cause that will need a more scientific approach to treatment. 

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