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How vain is your town?

30th May 2015

We Brits love to look our best. If you need proof of this, you only have to look at any British High Street: rows of tanning salons, nail bars, day spas and hairdressing parlours compete for business and do a roaring trade all year round! 

Source: vk.com

But which towns are the vainest of all? According to a new report, the highest concentration of beauty parlours and hairdressing salons can be found in London and Essex, making Londoners and Essex girls/boys the vainest in the UK. However, Lancashire, Buckinghamshire and Suffolk all get a look in. Here is the top ten in full:


1. City of London

No surprises here – the UK’s capital has a surplus of salons which are ready to handle lunchtime appointments and after work treatments.

2. Westminster

Another city centre location – there are a whopping 430 salons in Westminster alone, more than any other district in the UK.

3. Kensington and Chelsea

The Made in Chelsea crowd could never be seen without a professional blow-out, after all…

4. South Buckinghamshire

The town of Beaconsfield boasts some of the poshest postcodes in Britain, and these wealthy residents undoubtedly love to look good.

5. Camden

It’s long since shaken off its image as a grungy market town. Now home to a never-ending parade of models and rock stars, Camden is all about low-key chic.

6. Brentwood

Fans of TOWIE will know that this Essex town is the home of the infamous “Lauren’s Way” and “Belles and Beaus”, as well as numerous other tanning salons, hairdressers and spas.

7. Hammersmith and Fulham

Another posh London borough with expensive taste – there are luxury spas or salons on practically every corner.

8. Ribble Valley

Situated in the heart of Lancashire, this pretty town is surprisingly wealthy, and a haven for high-maintenance country dwellers.

9. Uttlesford

Another Essex entry – Uttlesford cements the district’s reputation for glamour at any cost.

10. Newmarket

Newmarket is better known for its horseracing pedigree, so residents are no strangers to a high society event or two. Just as well, the town is packed with beauty salons then.

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