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Do your skincare products really make a difference?

21st May 2015

As the Nation’s skin specialists we know most people have something about their skin they want to improve. Whether it’s fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or stubborn blemishes, we are all on a journey to healthier, clearer looking skin. We are so serious about our skin, that as a nation, we spend upwards of £1BILLION on skincare... So the question is, is the money worth it?

Cardiff sk:n clinics Medical Director Doctor Simon Harris explains why sk:n products provide quicker, more effective results than other high street skincare lines. “At sk:n we have developed a range of skincare products utilising our medical expertise of over 20 years in helping clients improve the condition, look and feel of their skin. Clients aren’t left to self-diagnose and choose from an array of products. Each client receives an in-depth skin assessment and diagnosis, then is provided with a personalised product plan and daily regime, all designed by our own dermatologists. All of our products contain active ingredients at levels which bring proven results.

All five of sk:n’s product ranges have been researched, developed and clinically tested by our Medical Standard Team which comprises of leading consultant dermatologists and doctors - this is why we know they work”.

To book your free skin consultation and product review at Cardiff sk:n clinic, call 0800 822 3305.

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