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Australian school airbrushes out students' 'imperfections'

15th May 2015

Everyone has hang ups about one thing or another. Maybe it's your height, weight, or perhaps you have an issue with your skin? It can be hard enough dealing with any of these things, but when your school chooses to airbrush out 'imperfections' such as acne, nose piercings, and 'monobrows', you'd be forgiven for thinking your hang ups were indeed the full blown problem you'd always believed they were. By airbrushing students' photos, it's almost as if the Daylesford Secondary College in Australia is agreeing that these completely normal, everyday body issues are in fact abnormal and not what people want to see.

Source: theage.com

This desire to look perfect all of the time is unachievable, not to mention, completely unrealistic. Our bodies are fascinating - they do so much and yet we have a habit of beating them up mentally for hours and hours on end. By airbrushing school photos, the school in question has only served to exacerbate this problem. Furthermore, with young people particularly susceptible and sensitive, this simple Photoshop act could well have damaged hundreds of students' mental health.

No one should be left feeling unfit for public viewing. If we strive to achieve the 'perfection' of these airbrushed images we are risking losing our entire identity. Schools have a duty to encourage and inspire, and that certainly doesn't come from choosing to airbrush your students' photos.

Skin is rarely ‘flawless’; with milk spots, birthmarks, acne, oversized pores, excess hair, pigmentation, and more that can threaten our confidence, it's important to fully understand your skin and what works best for it. In most cases, these skin conditions are likely to fade with age but having regular visits with a dermatologist will provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have options other than photoshop.

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