Blogs from May 2015

  • Plucking can lead to increased hair regrowth

    ​Hair loss is one of the biggest mysteries of the beauty industry. While there are many ways to remove unwanted hair (e.g. waxing, shaving, threading, laser, plucking), when it comes to replacing hair, the options are much fewer.... read more

  • How vain is your town?

    We Brits love to look our best. If you need proof of this, you only have to look at any British High Street: rows of tanning salons, nail bars, day spas and hairdressing parlours compete for business and do a roaring trade all year round!... read more

  • Ziip: the skincare device

    ​We live in a golden age of DIY beauty products. We’re told that from the comfort of our own homes, we can depilate, exfoliate, manicure and even give ourselves intensive facial treatments with gadgets promising salon results. And now there is a hot new skincare device on the market: the Ziip; a smartphone-sized device which promises to eradicate acne and leave skin looking healthier and younger using nano technology. ... read more

  • Men's attitudes to beauty and skincare

    ​Over the past few years, the male personal care market has taken off. In 2013, men’s beauty and skincare products were worth $3.9 billion – a massive 15% increase since 2008. It is clear that men’s attitudes are changing – and things are set to keep on changing!... read more

  • Common triggers of eczema

    ​Eczema is a very common inflammatory skin condition, resulting in red and itchy skin. Here are some of the common factors that can cause eczema to flare up, and how to reduce this from happening.... read more

  • What you should know about body oils

    For millennia, body oils have been used to nourish, moisturise and perfume the skin. The Ancient Egyptians and the Romans would cover themselves in body oils every day, while in India, essential oils were prized for their healing properties, particularly among Ayurvedic practitioners.... read more

  • The Apple Watch doesn't like tattoos

    You find yourself being forced to choose between ditching your Apple Watch or having your wrist tattoo removed, as it seems tattoos and Apple watches are not such a good combination! Following the launch of its new smartwatch, Apple has admitted that some of the watch’s functions may not work properly if it is worn over a wrist tattoo. It seems that dark inked artwork on tattoos – as well as some darker skin tones – can deceive the light sensors on the watch and impair some functionality.... read more

  • The Link Between Ice Cream and Acne

    It doesn’t seem fair. Summer is on its way, and you've been looking forward to having a great day at the beach, finished off with a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream. However, if you’re troubled with acne, then ice cream is definitely something you should avoid. There are plenty of studies that show dairy products are a well-known trigger for outbreaks of acne, but what is it about cow’s milk that means it’s off the menu if you want to avoid spots?... read more

  • How pollution affects the skin

    ​Pollution can be harmful to human health, and, in particular, it can have a detrimental effect on our skin. Here are some of the main pollutants and the damage they cause.... read more

  • Causes of Acne in Men

    ​Acne is a common skin problem that causes frequent outbreaks of spots. In its most severe form it can cause permanent scarring and an also be a cause of emotional struggles and social embarrassment. Whilst acne is most common in adolescents, it can persist into adulthood.... read more

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