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This rose isn't always the sweetest...Tips for Rosacea

11th March 2015

After Diane Kruger shared a make-up free selfie last month, (looking gorgeous!), she admitted that she had changed her lifestyle to manage her skin condition. In a similar vein – excuse the pun - Sex and The City star Cynthia Nixon has also been speaking out on the social embarrassment of living with redness.

At sk:n, we know you feel frustrated with  blushing, blotchiness, uncontrolled redness and acne – sometimes diagnosed as rosacea. At your free consultation, we consider all the different triggers and possible treatments which may be relevant to you, whether that be altering your skin regime going ahead with one of our clinical proven treatments.

Triggers can be anything from caffeine and alcohol to a change in temperature or stress in your everyday life. Thus, there are self-help measures which can be incorporated into your daily routine to manage redness, including:

  • Taking real care of your skin – for example, by using products suitable for sensitive skin, avoiding abrasive scrubs, and cleansing the skin through a mildly exfoliating wash, such as a glycolic wash.
  • Using mineral based make-up – patches of persistent red skin can be disguised using specially designed ‘camouflage’ make-up including Lycogel as sold within clinics.
  • Drinking more water. Keeping hydrated keeps your skin healthy.
  • Knowing your triggers. If you realise caffeine will cause a flare up switch to decaffeinated

This month Harper’s Bizarre has highlighted the Skinceuticals Redness Neutraliser (RRP £75), as the go-to product. For those of us on a lower budget you can still achieve real results using sk:n Anti-Redness Face Cream (RRP £28.50) which works to prevent and correct the signs of redness.

Laser Treatments:

Pulse-dye laser (PDL) treatment can be used in clinic to treat redness and broken capillaries. The laser uses a beam of light to heat the blood vessel, then eventually collapses it. It will initially bruise but once faded the redness should be noticeably less. The doctor, upon consultation, can advise whether a single treatment or course of treatment would be most appropriate.

After care: sk:n Aloe vera gel (RRP £12)

Downtime:  3-7 days (depending on the size of the area)

sk:n clinics incorporates over 25 years of medical expertise with a medical director in every clinic and with approachable staff to advise about our treatments and  cosmeceutical products. We have a national network of 35 clinics, now expanding to Wales through our new Cardiff clinic.

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