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The secret most women over 40 share...from sk:n clinics

7th March 2015

As sure as eggs are eggs, as you get older, you'll notice certain changes to your body. Temples start to grey, lines begin to show, skin feels drier and duller.

Nothing to worry about though because everywhere we look, we're bombarded with solutions from the Beauty Industry. Wash-in, wash-out hair dyes, peptide laden serums, intensive moisturisers with extra 'barrier solutions', etc etc.

But one change may catch you unawares, and worse - NO ONE SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT!

You're sitting in traffic one day, and realise that each time you're at the lights you've started to stroke the edges of your chin and jawbone. It sort of crept up on you, this new habit. What are you doing? Why, you're 'Feeling For Beard' of course! Brilliant comedian Sarah Millican has long coined the phrase which resonated with women of a certain age everywhere...

At sk:n clinics, we're delighted women are breaking down the stigmas around normal changes in hormone levels that will affect all women, sooner or later. With the decreasing levels of oestrogen, naturally occurring testosterone is effectively, 'unmasked', which can result in the production of excess hair, usually on the chin.

The main thing to do is act fast. Laser Hair Removal 'sees' the dark hairs, but can no longer pick out white ones, meaning your only real option will be electrolysis, which is less effective. With laser, the skin practitioner will match the laser to your skin tone and very quickly and simply, 'zap' the rogue hairs, killing them at the root.

One thing - remember not to pluck the hair out before coming to a session as the laser needs the bulb to be intact in order to kill it. Just shave the top off and we'll do the rest. (Don't worry, this will not result in other hairs growing around it; that's a complete urban myth.)

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